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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awesomeness Once Again

(Wednesday 29th)
So so so where were we?

I haven't really written alot because I haven't been doing alot.
Well I don't have any lead ropes that I can really use at my disposal. I have a 6 ft leadrope and a 8 foot lead rope that I am using. My 22ft is broken (we need to fix it) and my 10ft lead rope is also broken.

On top of that for the first time ever Sharlie has been wanting to and offering to do Level 3/4 stuff. She will offer Sideways at liberty in the field, or try and run ahead and jump the log in their field. Ironically, I only have this little short line so we can't really do much.

I rode Casper again tonight ( Thursday 30th) Amazing.

I love my Casper so much! I rode him around in the round pen with the saddle. His lateral flexion on both sides is the best its ever been, he started listening to my aids (seat, weight, focus, etc...) before I had to use the reins (though some rein was still needed) He is slowly starting to become lighter and lighter when it comes to riding in general and not having as much brace when it comes to physically, mentally and emotionally. :) So so so happy right now!

Maybe when I come back from the internship and Emily gives me a lesson with him, we can have our first trot together!

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