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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Empty Arena Challenge- Part 1/4 & 2/4

First let me explain the 4 sections of this challenge, as I forgot to mention it last time. I have 2 horses, to I divide it into 2 sections already. But then I have to play on the ground and riding with both horses, thus splitting each horse's half in half again. I hope that makes sense. :)

So yesterday I played with Sharlie in the empty arena and completed her half of the challenge. I started with Sharlie because we are more advanced (playing Level 3/4) so it was much easier to get creative with an empty arena.

So we began with online, on the ground. I have started to use the "Tag" method to get Sharlie engaged. But not willing to over-use it, I have also started to do the Falling Leaf pattern with some stick to me, and a bit of Sideways game for flavor. ;) It went very well and Sharlie is doing great online. I think I'll start working towards my Level 3/4 Online, and use the money I get for Christmas to pay for it.
Then came riding. Now on Friday night I rode Sharlie with a saddle and did some walk, trot and a bit of canter, though the canter didn't work out because she bucked. We are slowly going to work through that, bit by bit. But Friday night did not count, because there were poles in the arena! So even if I wasn't using the poles, the arena was not empty. So Saturday is the freestyle I am counting.
I rode bareback, in a halter and lead rope. For those who have been following our journey for a while, you know that riding Sharlie bareback at a gait faster than a walk has been difficult. But yesterday we trotted in circles, figure 8's, ovals, turns, curves, etc... We did a million transitions and ended with a fun back up out of the arena. It went quite well, despite Sharlie's ears being back.

Another piece of information is that SHARLIE IS ON A DIET!!! :D No grain for ms. FAT-FAT-FATTY! The vet said she could easily lose 100 pounds...I think more. But she is looking good! Her fur has become a soft fuzz and her neck isn't marked with fat wrinkles anymore. :) I'll keep you updated on her diet.

Thats all for now! Stay Savvy!

Julia, Sharlie & Casper

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Empty Arena Challenge

Hey All!
Its been a while, I know. School has started but it has been excellent! Sharlie and Casper ran to me today, Sharlie wearing a wonderful mud face mask. I did a figure 8 at liberty with Sharlie, as well as stick to me, small circles, and cantering on the 12 foot line. I rode Casper around and had some fun walking around.
All this is fun and wonderful, so I am going to challenge myself and play in an empty arena for 1 play session with both of them. They are 2 opposite horsenalities so this should be interesting! I'll let you know how it goes.

Stay Savvy!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Long Morning + extras

This morning Kara and I woke up at 6:30 (Kara is over for a sleepover & yes it IS amazing we woke up at all at that hour) We were down at the stables by eight. We left just after midday. Let me give you a summary of what happened in these 4 hours.

We caught Sharlie & Casper and began playing with them on the ground. I played with Sharlie, and Kara played with Casper. Sharlie was being very LBI so I tried to tag her. The first time she was RB, but then she started to play. She spinned and twisted and leaped and bounded. She got engaged so quickly that we did several patterns in a matter of half an hour! Kara played with Casper on sideways, circling, turning, porcupine, driving, friendly with the flyspray bottle and figure 8 pattern. Then we mounted up! I got on Sharlie first. She was great! Except that she chipped one of her hooves several times :/

Casper was spooky. He still needs alot of work with being mounted up on...not just riding. We tried a trail ride when he calmed down, but something spooked both horses violently so we decided to turn back. I rode Sharlie into the pond, and Kara wen into the water with Casper (on foot). Both horses had a good time in the pond and afterwards we turned them out. We decided to retire back to the air-conditioned home, and called mom to pick us up. :]

A few additional points...

I have a new tumblr account.

There are some new occurring events happening in my life at the moment, I will keep you posted but be ready in case of another companion joining this journey.

Also, it was brought to my attention that my blog gives the impression that I lead a perfect life with my horse and we have no problems. That is NOT the case. No partnership between horse & human (or in any case..human&human, dog&human...whatever) but anyway no partnership is perfect, and mine is far from it. I may post more of my positive play sessions with Sharlie because honestly I am ashamed of the bad ones. My relationship with Sharlie is a dream come true, but it is far from perfect. Luckily, every day we get a step closer. We learn, we remember, and we don't make the same mistake twice. If I do...Sharlie reminds me.
So please don't tell me my life with Sharlie is perfect. Because it isn't.

Stay Savvy
Julia & Sharlie