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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quick Thank you

Just wanted to say thank you to Mr. Bell for all of his support with my writing, and for being such an amazing teacher!

Sharlie & the Arena

Hey All!

So let me get straight to the point because I want to say quite alot and I honestly don't have time to write it all. So on Sunday I lost my temper with Sharlie and she lost hers with me. Very simple very plain. I am ashamed of it, but I cannot change it. So let me tell you what happened today.

I decided to ride Sharlie bareback because we are both much happier that way then with the saddle. We are both naturally tense when it comes to the saddle. I am tense because it reminds me of my past as well as Sharlie being tense. Sharlie is tense because I am tense. So its a vicious circle.
So yes, we were bareback. I was very determined to work on my fluidity when Sharlie is trotting. So we went to the round pen and we walked around while practicing steering with the carrot stick. I need to ask some of my NH friends what they suggest when it comes to steering Sharlie's blind side. Sharlie is doing good with the carrot stick. She lets me rub her all over when I am on her back and her lateral flexion is good.

Finally I worked up my courage to ask for a trot. I made sure my legs were like wet towels hanging around her sides, my shoulders were relaxed... I sank my seat and moved my hips in a figure 8 pattern with her motions and guess what? I didn't bounce an inch out of my seat!
I was so happy that I stayed on as I opened the gate to leave the round pen and rode over to the arena. I chose to sit as a passenger and let Sharlie relax again. (Sharlie, myself and the arena are not on good terms.) It was very interesting- Sharlie does not stop in the arena unless I ask her to. She keeps walking from one exit to the other (both closed) non-stop. It is not in a RB sort of way, just "Ugh...I wonder if I can get out here..." Eventually, she did something I did not expect. She walked away from the fence and crossed to the opposite side of the arena, her head hanging so low her nose touched the ground. Then she blew out over and over and over and over again! She snorted and blew and sighed. It was a wonderful feeling to have her relax so much. I don't think she ever has done that before. It was even better when she arched out her back (the good arching, not the bad) After a bit of playing with stop-start-stop-start, I decided to end the session there. I was very happy with the results.

I managed to find a couple of minutes to go say hello to Casper and to spend a bit of undemanding time. He came and met me at the gate and enjoyed when I stroked his ears, neck and face. He almost fell asleep right beside me! His head just drooped lower and lower... :)

Stay Savvy

Still writing the novel... Julia, Sharlie and Casper

Friday, September 10, 2010

Small Circle at Liberty & Auditions

Hey All!!
Last night I took Casper and Sharlie on a walk out to the hay fields. I love the smell of freshly cut hay!

Casper has been limping a few days now so I am a little concerned, but it is very odd. When he has been standing for a few minutes, when he starts to walk he limps quite visibly and badly. But if he keps walking nonstop for several minutes, its almost unnoticable. Very strange....
Sharlie is hating her diet. It has been 2 days and she is very grumpy and very hungry. She had a bit of a overweight spell over the last week but she is back on the diet.

So after our walk I played with Sharlie in the arena, online. She was being very dominant in a playful sort of way. But she DID come intruding my space, trying to push me over. After some porcupine and driving game, she finally connected with me. We went over to the round pen so she could run her heart out. (She is in a small paddock, with very little movement. She was about to burst around the more ways then one) She cantered, bucked and had a about 2 minutes. Then she came back to me and told me she was done for today.

I've been riding Casper on trailrides these last few days. He loves it and so do I. He is running up to me in the field and is happy to see me. It has taken a while to heal his heart from the problems from other people, but we are finally having fun. I don't look forward to starting him to the saddle & bridle again though. He hasn't reacted very well to either, going extreme RBE non-stop no matter what you do. We arre going to take it very slow, change bit, maybe buy a bareback pad...well we shall see what is needed but something will have to change!

I know I need to take some photos of both ponies very soon because it has been a while. I am also considering filming an audition or two this winter (hopefully Christmas money) It would either be Online or Liberty. Sharlie and I are still struggling with Freestyle, especially with her bucking when I ask for the canter. I hope to get my blue string however before spring.

That is all for now. I will keep you posted. Stay Savvy!!

Julia, Sharlie and Casper