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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 1 of Camp

Hey guys,

Quick update on Sharlie's eye. We have to give her medicine 3 to 4 times a day but it is looking better. She is opening it almost all the way sometimes!

And as some of you know I am now writing you from Kara's! Yes!

I played with her on the ground but whenever I felt nervous I stopped and let her graze till I was feeling better.
Sharlie loaded wonderfully this morning, going in on the 2nd try. Then Kara calmly held her as we closed the doors.
Then we were off!
The 45 minute drive to Kara's home went smoothly and she unloaded wonderfully. Cherish, Hope & Finale (Kara & Brita's horses) were funny. They were going up and down the fence line trying to get closer  or to get Sharlie closer. When I led Sharlie over there to say hello, she totally ignored them!
"Here Sharlie, meet your roommates for the next two weeks."
"Ehh...OH HEY LOOK! Clover!"


Once Sharlie got settled in her new stall and the other 3 girls came inside, I unpacked and ate a light lunch. (Cheese & fruit salad.)

Then Kara, Brita and I loaded up some obstacles and took them out to the playground to set up. Their playground includes a box formation (its 3 sides of a box, good for sideways & yoyo), some poles in the shape of an arc, a tire pedestal, a wooden pedestal & we are going to make a maze out of branches to back up through.
Some cross jumps & poles & logs. It looks amazing!
I'll take some photos tomorrow once we put the tarp out.

I didn't get a chance to play with Sharlie today which was actually probably for the best because a) I was sore, tired and well...sore. And b) Sharlie was somewhere between right brain extrovert and left brain introvert. She wanted to eat eat eat then she would spook at something.

Interesting point- Kara's sweet RBI Cherish is dominant over Sharlie. Maybe within a few days once Sharlie settles in she will get back to being a bully. But right now Cherish can enjoy not being the bottom of the dominance pole for once.

Tomorrow morning I think we will go finish the playgroung (yes I'll take the camera) and then I will take Sharlie to go explore it and settle in.

Toodles for now

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Have to Remove Sharlie's Eye

It looks like she bumped her head on something causing a bad ulcer on the other side of the eye, not where the previous ulcer was. The vet said we should remove the eye because she is 'accident-prone'. I beg to differ. In over two and a half years Sharlie has only bumped her head once- this time- and I do not consider that 'accident-prone' at all. In fact she is usually very cautious with the left side of her eye. Anyway they wanted to do it before camp but luckily we decided to wait till the fall. If the ulcer heals properly, I'm hoping they will change their mind. They are not looking at all the facts. Instructions for camp are to take it easy at first and give her the medicine 4 times a day.
They remove the eyeball then take the two eyelids and sew them together *shivers* Ew.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Don't Let Your Emotions Get The Best of You

Hey Everyone,

Today I want to tell you about not letting your emotions get the better of you.
I know I usually don't talk about a specific topic. I'll talk about how Sharlie is doing. How Casper is doing. Etc...
I talked about self-presence. Today I talk about being taken advantage of by your emotions. The controlling big-headed idiots.

Last week Sharlie & I did amazing. Camp was two weeks away. Nothing to worry about! Sharlie was loading easily, happily. She was hanging out in the trailer, staying in there, almost letting me close the door all the way. Her Yoyo & Porcupine were down to Phase 1/2, her Friendly game was as good as ever and she was pricking her ears at me and licking and chewing more than ever before.

Then over the weekend she started becoming more nervous, she didn't want to load anymore, her Friendly game wasn't as good. And I would get ticked off at her. Ugh! So frustrating.

However this time I didn't need Kara to answer this. I was having a daily freakout over packing and stuff because of camp. (Its just how I am. Even though everyone says I'm a great traveler, packing is NEVER my thing!)

My controlling emotions were being over-emotional (haha) and taking control of me! I should break up with them....too controlling!

But what am I to do?

Kara & Brita's answer:
Undemanding time.
Take your time.
Chill out. Its gonna be fine.

Love them so much! :)

7 days. Goodness gracious!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Countdown Begins to the 31st

Heyy Guys!
 Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I had exams this week. The weather was crappy- and cold! Its late May for heaven's sakes!

So lots and lots to say! Excuse me my thoughts are somewhat unorganized.
First of all- Did I mention I am taking Sharlie to camp? I didn't have a choice. If we took Casper then the insurance would have a fit!

Also this week (and maybe a bit of next week) is Casper's week off. (He will be having many this summer, but not during camp!) He was recently put into a new field with the minis and I've decided to let him rest as he is looking a bit worse for wear. Maybe its just me but I think his age is starting to show a bit... :(
During camp Mom will be playing with him, simple stuff like friendly game around the mouth, nose & ears.Ladidaa...

Sharlie: So! THE COUNTDOWN TO CAMP IS SET! We are moving Sharlie there on the 31st of May! EEK! 2 weeks! 2 weeks goodness me! 
So yesterday and today I reviewed our 7 games and our Level 1. Bit rusty :/ We are going to have to work on that before camp because I want to do my Level 3/4 Online audition @ Kara's. 
(Found the perfect song for that- The Dog Days Are Over by Florence + the Machine)
I also hope to do my Level 2 Freestyle Audition
(Got the perfect song for that too: Chasing Pavements by Adele)
AND my Level 3/4 Liberty Audition!

Hopefully at the end of camp I will have filmed all 3 auditions by the end of camp. And hopefully by the end of summer I will have my blue string- maybe even my green!

Sharlie's trailer loading is coming along well. Yesterday we spent half an hour playing OUTSIDE of the trailer. Sideways, yo-yo, touch it, squeeze, all of it. Then at the end I opened the door just to see if she would want to go in. She hadn't been loaded into a trailer since last summer. I hadn't practiced since then. 
I think our preparation  really helped because she walked in and went all the way to the front to sniff around. :)

Today she was even more amazing! After having a small 'discussion' (More about that later). After a few attempts I got to her to stay in the trailer (even though she did turn around) and I almost managed to close the door all the way! YUP!

So our little discussion was right about when I asked Sharlie to canter to the left and she stopped, looked at me and said "No."
J: Excuse me?
S: No.
J: Why not?
S: Cause I don't want to!
J: So what do you suggest we do?
S: Walk. To the right. And have a carrot.
J: How about we compromise and you trot to the left.
S: With a carrot?
J: No, no carrot.
S: Then no, lets not compromise. What if I walk to the left with a carrot?
J: You either canter to the right or you trot to the left.
S: What if I walk to the left but no carrot?
J: Okay...
S:  Yay
J:...but you have to trot!
S: What?
J: Yep.
S: Man...
J: Okay now canter!
S: Poopy face!
J: Now change directions and walk ;)

Mmmhmmm. Yea, we have conversations like that all the time.
Toodles my little lemon drops.
I will update soon!


Friday, May 13, 2011

What Happened to My RBI?

1 week till school is out! Hooray! Hooray!
Then officially 3 weeks till camp! (It has been pushed back to June 1st)
Also some other exciting news: We are 'extending' camp to the 18th so Kara, Brita, Mom & I can go see "Buck" on the 17th when it opens in theaters. WOOHOOO!!!!!! It looks awesome!

So my darling RBI Casper is gone. He left a few days/weeks ago. And in his place is a extreme LBI Casper who is an obnoxious big-headed greedy little pony. :(
Ah well...
Just a quick update because I've been so busy.
Its getting HOT.