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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 20th- The Farrier and Sharlie & Casper reunited!


So on Monday the farrier was coming to do some horses, including Casper. (Cause let me be honest. They were in HORRIBLE condition!) Casper only needs to get his hooves about once a year. But as I begin to start playing with him and he gets more exercise he may start needing it a bit more often. Anyway, back on point!

I was slightly nervous as how Casper would act with the farrier. Last time he was very stubborn about not picking up his feet. Also the 97 degree weather hadn't put him in a good mood either. (Nor me for that matter)

However when George asked him to pick up his hooves, he did so without protest and stood lazily as George did each of his hooves.
Now on Casper's back right leg there is a crack that goes straight down the middle. It has somewhat healed but it has been there forever. I asked if it was something I should worry about or if it would ever completely heal.

George's answer fascinated me. The reason it wasn't healing is because there was a lack of blood flow where the crack was. This also extended up as a scar up his leg.

Some how in the past, he had had a severe injury there and the scar was there to prove it.

It makes me wonder whether or not this injury could have affected some part of him permanently...?
His behavior?
His gait perhaps? Maybe thats why its so bumpy! Aren't gaited horses supposed to be smoooooooth?

I'm going to research it. If you guys know anything let me know!

1 comment:

  1. depends on the gait.
    with gaited horses, many parelli instructors and students have found that they usually have to start with a more collected rein to teach the horse to have a more even gait then move on to a more and more casual rein. that is the ONLY time that finesse leads to freestyle.