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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taking a Break to Find My Journey

I am sorry for not blogging sooner everyone, but I haven't been doing much with Sharlie and Casper because of the weather. (ugh)

Now I have been thinking that maybe I should take a break from blogging while I decide where I want my journey to go. Sharlie and I are at a point where we need to focus on what we want to do. I was thinking of the Parelli Rendezvous and Spotlights and I realized that Sharlie and I aren't good at anything. Our Online and Liberty are ok, but just ok. Freestyle is pretty bad and forget Finesse! I look at my friends who are so far ahead in their journey. Take my best friend Kara for example. She has had her horse for 10 months and she is already riding bareback and bridless! Hannah Willis and Emily Larramore are in Florida studying under Mirka Pitts. Friends all around me are improving, advancing and moving onward and upward in their journey and I am still close to where I started almost 2 years later. I auditioned for my Level 1 almost a year ago and Sharlie and I are still not ready to audition for anything else! (Especially not freestyle!) Even with Casper...We had made bounds of progress in a short amount of time but now we are a straight line across the graph.

So I apologize, but I will be taking a few weeks off of blogging in order to find out where this relationship is going.

Keep it Natural!
Julia, Sharlie & Casper

Saturday, October 16, 2010

First Fall in 3 years

Last night I was trotting on Sharlie and she spooked at something that I didn't notice to be a problem. I could have easily stayed on by grabbing onto her mane, but so I wouldn't spook her more I sorta just let myself fall. I fell on my back, instantly rolling over and hopping up to catch Sharlie's rein. That was the first time I have EVER fallen off of Sharlie (despite many close calls) and the first time I have fallen off in 3 years (since I moved to America.) I have owned Sharlie for almost 2 years, as a fact of interest.

It also made me remember that the last time I fell off, it was voluntary as well. I was cantering in the arena and my pony made a U-turn, wanting to return to the horses standing in the middle of the arena. I could have easily stayed on because I only lost one stirrup but I thought to myself "That one stirrup can cause me to be dragged across the arena if he turns sharply again." so I unlatched my other foot and when Koala made another sharp turn within 2 seconds of me taking my foot out of the stirrups, I sorta just let myself slide and fall. I kept ahold of his reins and got up on my knees immediatly. Its amazing how those sorts of incidents repeat themselves.

(Take that Marissa! lol)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Riding in the Bridle & Horsemanship Du Coeur

Long time no blogging! I am ashamed to say I haven't been down to Mercy as much as I would like to. Yet I still have made progress with my two excellent horses. Sharlie and I have been working on staying more connected at liberty and riding bareback. Liberty is going quite well because we are starting to be able to do the figure 8 pattern consistantly. I am actually starting to wonder whether I'll have my Online and Liberty at Level 4 before even my Freestyle is Level 2! But I will think about that later.

With Casper we have a big break through - Riding with the bridle. Back a few weeks ago I tried this and Casper was about to bolt the whole time. He tried to run for the exits of the arena, his pace was choppy, etc... Well last weekend I tried Sharlie's bridle on him and we went out on a trail ride and he did quite nicely. It still needs work because sometimes I put too much pressure on him and he goes RBE.

Also I have started Horsemanship Du Coeur. The link for the website will be come soon.

Stay Savvy. And in case I dont post anytime soon, Happy Halloween
Julia, Sharlie & Casper