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Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 17

I know guys, this is pretty...interesting isn't it? What was supposed to last from Tuesday the 31st of May is now gone on all the way till Thursday the 16th of June.

I don't like forcing my presence upon the Cumbertons. Kara wants to be able to go help her friend Aubrey with some horses before they go to Florida (on the 20th) and I know its important to both of them. I also really want to get the whole intern thing with Emily sorted out because I've experienced too many times where you say you will, you say you will, and the next thing you know its too late.
Yes Emily, we need to talk soon! :P

Kara playing with Sharlie. Taken a few days ago.
Today I got to sleep in!!! Till 8:30!!! That is mind blowing! The reason why? It is still raining. STILL.

I spent the morning organizing the 'A Learning Way' series on Kara's account. (Now I just need to do mine). We have a 'A Learning Way' post coming out every couple of days until the 21st of July so your needs will be satisfied! :P

Once Brita got back from shopping and visiting her mom Kara and I went out to go clean out the stalls. Sharlie and Cherish had been in the stall for almost 24 hours. Luckily Brita had let Hope and Finale out in the morning while it had been only drizzling so their stalls weren't nearly as bad.

We started at 2pm and then Brita told us that Tom and Susan were coming at 5. Haha...yayyy!! Only 3 hours! And by the time we would be done with the stalls, who knows how long!

Luckily it only took us an hour. Sharlie's stall was...well...she had basically soaked half of the stall completely. It didn't take long to clean because we just scraped it up all into one pile and scooped it all up. Anyway, you guys don't need to know the gory details of what condition that stall was in. EWWW.

So at 3 o'clock we got Sharlie out and Kara sat in the trailer and asked Sharlie bit by bit in the trailer.
I had to run inside to make sure I had every thing together, print off Brita's letter (still need to write Kara's!) and get a drink of water. When I came back out and sat down to watch Sharlie and Kara, Kara said "Every time you come over she gets a bit more unconfident."
I could understand that. I asked if she wanted me to leave but she said no. So I sat there working on getting through my nervousness to try and be calmer and more confident. No success.

Kara told me something very interesting when it came to Sharlie and the trailer. Sharlie is both Left Brain and Right Brain at the SAME TIME whenever she is around the trailer. No, not interchanging but at the same time. She will be scared and nervous but also trying to dominate you. But when you lead her away from the trailer to try and address it, she reverts back to her LBI self.


When Tom and Susan came to pick Sharlie up, I was already a bundle of nerves. I asked Kara and Brita to try and load her because I was such a bundle of nerves already, my hands were shaking (more on this in the Final Reflections post coming up soon)

I think it took about 45 minutes to load Sharlie, and we ended up using a rope around her hind quarters. We did it as humanely as possible when it comes to that sort of situation...Porcupine Game.

And then we hit the road....
And Camp was finally, officially over.

There will be a "Final Reflections of Camp 2011" post coming up in the next few days, but it will be long so please be patient.

Thank you guys for reading.



  1. Sounds like quite the journey!

    Parelli calls the LB/RB (at the same time) Left Brain adrenaline. It's very interesting. It's like they're saying, "I'm scared but I'm not going to look to you for leadership."

  2. Hmmm interesting. I will have to look more into that.

  3. I had that sort of thing with my mare a lot when we were working on trailer loading. She was definitely very dominant and very opininated about not getting in the trailer, but also shaking and quivering with strange...

    Julia, I've been following your tough trailer loading experience with Sharlie in this last week and I wanted to send you an encouraging post or something, but my silly computer wouldn't let me :( Well, even if it is a little be-lated here you go: stick with it, it will work itself out in time. Most of all don't kick yourself for getting upset, that's all part of building a deeper connection with your horse.

    Your faithful blog follower,

  4. Grace- Your comment moved me. :) It means so much to know I have someone out there who is reading my blog regularly. :) And thank you. The journey with Sharlie and the trailer is still going to be a very long one...but one that we will achieve! :)