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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Warm(er) weather FINALLY!!

Last weekend was a record warm for this winter, reaching almost 55 degrees!!! I was sweating I was so hot (being covered in 4 layers). And last weekend Sharlie and I had our first good trail ride since the beginning of fall. So the weekend went quite well. Then all during the week Sharlie had lots of spunky energy. We did a lot of Friendly Game, some cantering and a little squeeze. We have cut back on the trailer for the last week. Then this weekend (last weekend of February), I realized camp is only 3 months away!! Sharlie is now regularly getting into the trailer and eating her dinner in there. Now I need to start working with the door. Of course it is a 2-person job. I need someone to hold the rope through the other door while I am swinging the main door. So then the rope won't get caught somewhere, and if Sharlie tries to get out, but is stuck because of the rope. That will take our hard work back to zero. I am also finding out more info about camp, trailers and trucks. Thank goodness I am lucky enough to have a few options already available.
This nice warm weather really helps with Sharlie's attitude. She is more positive and in a learning frame of mind much quicker! Its drying up nicely all around the farm. Now, if it doesn't rain, I will be happy!
I am almost ready to buy a new saddle, I just need to post my black pony saddle on craigslist first.
This weekend, I had the chance to work on a Science project on Innate and Learned behavior, and I used horses, Horsenality and Parelli as my base. I am really hoping I get a good grade on it.
So let us all cross our fingers and hope the warm weather continues!

Naturally, Julia

Note to Self:
~ Find out about trailer
~ Ask about borrowing/renting truck
~Work with Sharlie
~Find more info about camp
~Get saddle
~Sharlie needs to be fit! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Making Progress...everywhere

Hello all Savvy Friends!
These last few Fridays seem to keep turning white....I think I have had enough snow until the end of 2010. I am starting to believe that I will have to live with mud on the farm for the rest of my 4 years here!
But otherwise, I have made great progress with Sharlie, and my hobbies, passions and pass-times. First of all, Sharlie now is quite eager to load in the trailer, and now have the door propped at a 90 degree angle to the entrance, which is a real improvement, since when we started at 180 degree angle. She rushes in to eat her food as quickly as I let her go in. (That is the opposite of what she used to do!) She also has developed a habit of turning around, pausing, then coming out. I don't know what to make of it exactly, because before, she backed out as quickly as she could. Maybe she isn't afraid to turn her back on the "evil dark metal cage on wheels" as she exits. Which is definitely progress. I am really starting to look forward to being able to close the door on her without her freaking out. And of course going to camp!!
I have taken a step back from riding since my "temper tantrum" a few weeks ago. I am mainly waiting to buy a new saddle before starting to riding again, but if I do a little bit of bareback at the walk...without Sharlie swerving too much...I suppose it works. But I am still mainly waiting to buy a new Wintec Saddle. But for that I need to know her size...etc...etc...etc...
I still need to post my black pony saddle on Craigslist and once I get a new saddle, I need to sell my brown one too.
Now, thanks to my friend Jessi, (who is mentioned in earlier posts) I have started a photography blog. The link is
There are already some photos posted, and I am hoping that with the return of spring, I can capture more. If it snows again, I want to try and photograph our Christmas tree. It looked splendid yesterday, covered in a blanket of soft snow. And of course I want to photograph horses, but they are much harder to capture on film. I learned that when Sharlie was prancing like a princess and the minute the camera flashed, she sneezed on the lenses. The result...snot all over the camera! Anyway, I also made another blog to teach people about the horse's point of view. How they are PREY animals and we are PREDATORS! Some people just don't get it. *sigh*
Grades are improving for camp. **Note to self- Ask Ms. Madison what grade in math is, and ask Ms. Freeman what grade in science is!**
Also improving- I can't wait to meet Kara tomorrow. It seems like the weather is plotting against us! I will post as soon as possible about tomorrow. I really can't wait to meet her, and I got her a birthday present. But I can't tell you what it is because Kara may see it! ;)

Well that's all for now, but I will report back soon!
Keep it natural!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Blog!

Hey Everyone!
Just as promised (just a little later than expected) I have made a photography blog.

It says it is Naturally Creative Equine Photography, but it will not just be about horses. Just most of them will be.