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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 12

This morning Kara and I woke up at 8. When we got outside we were slow to get going. In fact Kara went back inside.
I played the 7 games with a cone with Sharlie and we were doing really well. In fact she was wonderful!
But soon I felt hot, tired and bothered. I tried to teach Sharlie the Weave Pattern but she just looked at me and said "No. You are tired. I am tired. You are hot. I am hot. You will get frustrated easily. I will get frustrated easily. Nooo."
Well then. :)
Kara came back out and went to go sit down in the shade and let Cherish graze a bit. I joined her in the shade of the barn and we talked. What on earth we talked about, I have no idea.
It was only 9:30  and it was hotter than it was yesterday at 10:30. After quickly sorting out the horses Kara, Brita and I quickly retreated to air conditioning. Kara and I quickly plopped our butts down on the couch and started working on our blogs. Then email... Then we watched some movies on ABC Family.
We just got back from Lupi's or whatever that Pizza place is called.

Kara and I wrote on napkins while we were there and on the way back. Kara drew a beautiful picture of Rafik (I drew one too but not nearly as good.) We basically talked about Rafik. <3

When it came time to go outside, Kara and I had a hard time thinking what on earth to do...

I went over to the pond with Sharlie and sat down. I tried to meditate but I just had NO idea what to do. Rawr.
What if I did circling game with the pond? Ooooh cool! This is fun. Hey Sharlie will you mirror me? Trot, walk, trot, etc...

Then I put the bareback pad on her and went to do a Passenger lesson at the walk. Then we did some trotting. And it actually went really well! We did a circle and I was able to move with her fluidly. It was nice <3

Anyway... We are watching "Just Go With It"
Anyway. Gnite.

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