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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 11

Hey Everyone!

I found this blog a few months ago and have really enjoyed reading some of the posts she has written.

This morning we woke up at 6 and got out to the barn about 6:30. After playing a bit online and liberty I put the bareback pad on Sharlie and got on. Played a bit with the pedestal and a figure 8 pattern at the walk before heading out. I enjoyed riding with the bareback pad alot. It is much nicer than mine and is much more comfortable for both Sharlie and I.
Kara's bareback pad holds a lot of happy memories to me. I used it when I first trotted and cantered on Sharlie bareback out in the fields.
We went out for a walk, Kara, Brita and I, out toward the power lines. We grazed a bit down there, talking before riding back because my Mom was coming over. As we approached the house I saw her make her way out into the back field. As we approached her Sharlie let out a low nicker. Sharlie loves mom but she pushed her around a lot. As Kara pointed out, Sharlie is suddenly very itchy when my mom is around, but once she leaves, Sharlie is no longer itchy and doesn't try and rub on her or me anymore. Hmmm...
I've told mom over and over that Sharlie knows she can just push her around and its a form of Sharlie proving her dominance over Mom.

Something to think about...

Then in the evening Kara and I went for a walk and we talked about some stuff. But as we made our way deeper and deeper into the long grass we heard some dirt bikers coming our way. They were speeding along the path and seemed to be coming closer and closer. Kara quickly helped me mount up onto Sharlie (who had the bareback pad on) and she hopped on Cherish. We started making our way back toward the house with our nerves on end. We had sarge with us (their lovable goofy Boxer) and he almost gave us a heart attack when he started chasing after some deer. As he continued up the hill we could see if he continued, he would collide straight into the dirk bikes and Kara and I also knew that these irresponsible dirt bikers wouldn't see him coming until it was too late.

We started screaming at Sarge to come back to us. He did...eventually. Thank goodness.

We made it back okay. I was proud of Sharlie for not spooking.

Well I'm bored. And watching ABC Family. *Yawn* I'm tired too... Kara is still typing another email.


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