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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 7 of Camp- Part 2

It turns out we ran out of time with the light to film the audition so we will do it tomorrow morning.

But that doesn't mean I didn't play with her! We played at liberty. Of course right?

I played with her a bit online to check stuff and see if there was anything that needed fixing on line before we went to liberty.
As we were doing the figure 8 (at liberty) I saw Sharlie had the most bored expression on her face. NOOO!!!
What could possibly motivate Sharlie?
I had to think quite a bit. Treats! I haven't given Sharlie treats as a motivation/reward in ages. So when I came back with some treats and she did a figure 8 and I gave her one, it blew her mind. She started asking all sorts of questions!
"Do you want me to trot it? What if I sniffed the barrel? Do you want me to eat it? What if I pawed at it? I can knock it down and roll it, do you want me to do that?"
It shocked me at how much power the cookie had.
After that Sharlie was awesome. She got all 4 feet up onto the pedestal with a bit of encouragement. She had some trouble though with backing up by the tail (which is odd cause usually she is fine) I had to go back online twice to fix it and I had to just settle with a few nice steps of back up before she went crooked again.

We will have to work on that tomorrow.
I am feeling pretty confident now that I have to power of treats on my side! :)
I'm just nervous about sideways and backing up by the tail. Maybe a bit about circling... but anywho! :P

Tomorrow Kara wants me to meditate in front of the pond. Hmm...


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