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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 10

Hey guys!

Here is another one. I really love these articles!
Certainty vs. Conviction

This morning I woke up slightly easier. After getting dressed and eating breakfast I waited for Kara to get ready before heading out to the barn.
First thing we did was give Equi-Spot to all the horses. I will be interested to see if it works.
Then I took Sharlie into the arena and dropped the lead rope. I left her and went to go sit on the pedestal. Kara had been telling me I needed to meditate. I did it on that pedestal. Somewhat. I wasn't still very sure what Kara meant by meditating so I just sat there and went between thinking about very deep things and having a blank mind. It did only last a few minutes though because Hope, Finale and Cherish decided to attack the vegetable patch.
Sharlie didn't have much interest in me at first and I didn't try and get her to come to me. Finally after a bit Sharlie stepped on her rope and couldn't figure out how to get off of it. She gave me a look telling me she would like my help. I smiled slightly and obliged. After that she and I connected. We played online with the same obstacles we use at liberty. I try to use them in a different order every time or else Sharlie gets bored too easily.
We played a new game today. Sharlie had to Stick To Me as we walked, trotted, stopped and backed up. Instead of going one gait at a time, I decided to make it more challenging. Instead of going from a walk to a halt, and then backing up, we went straight from a walk to backing up and then to trotting and finally stopping to rest. It makes things a bit more interesting.

At Liberty Sharlie was just as good as usual. Figure 8, pedestal, Friendly Game, back up by the tail...its all good. I asked her to walk a couple laps of circles very close to me before rewarding her with stopping and walking out of the arena to graze a bit before I got her ready for Kara to play with.

As Kara played with her I took some photos as I watched Sharlie diving for the grass and how Kara worked with her. I started feeling sleepy sitting there in the sun and the grass so I went to go get a chair and went to go sit in the shade in case I did fall asleep then I wouldn't get eaten alive by bugs AND get burnt.

I will let you guys read what Kara has to say about working with Sharlie this morning (because frankly I can't really remember) Remember its

We had planned for Kara to ride her but she ended up not doing so for some very good reasons. Remember to check her blog! (It may not be up yet though so be patient!)

Tomorrow Mom is coming to see how we are doing. This marks a very sad point that I don't want to face. The fact that camp is over Tuesday. I have absolutely loved my time here and Sharlie has too. I am hoping that Kara can give me a lesson before we go.

Being here with Kara has helped me become less task oriented and more focused on the relationship, the bond, the connection.
I may not do the Liberty Audition. Put the relationship first!

This afternoon during the heat of the day we went out to town. Brita dropped us off at Books-A-Million (Barnes & Nobles has more books) and Kara and I quickly each found a book to read. Kara bought 'In The Woods' by Tana French while I found an old favorite: 'Outlander' by Diana Gabaldon. I didn't buy it though as I had no money and I had already read the Outlander series (still love it though!)

On the drive back I got to sit in the front (Thank you kara!) and we listened to my favorite radio station. At first I worried that Kara and Brita would not like it for some reason. Then I realized that if they didn't like it, they would tell me and so I turned up the music slightly and started singing along.

Well I'm about to go out to the stables. 7:00pm


We just came back in. I don't want to go into detail but there was a dog fight, Kara had been calling me because she was dizzy, I got nervous because I was afraid she would pass out before I got there...I heard and sensed the dogs fighting, I could hear them...I could hear the men yelling at them...

I didn't really have a good time. Except for before all of the above and Sharlie and I went for a jog.
Ah well. Kara and I are going for a trail ride tomorrow.

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