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Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 13

Hey Everyone.
Today is Day 13.
We only have tomorrow left and then I am going home.

What a depressing thought. I don't want it to end. 
If you haven't noticed since Day 10 I have been running out of ideas and motivation for stuff to do with Sharlie. I keep thinking "What's the point? We will just be going back to Mercy and we won't be able to do it anymore." (Ex: pedestal, sundial, liberty, swimming in the pond...etc...) I know its the wrong attitude but I can't help it. I know I need to be enjoying my last few hours here. Thus me and Kara sitting on my severely deflated air mattress with little Ms. Ruby. (Their Stafford Shire Bull Terrier. A sweetheart.) We have been messing around for the most part. I have been having fun on picnik creating a banner for Kara's blog. That's it below. Also I made the one above (the "Life is Beautiful" one)

. I made myself a Nutella sandwich but when I put it down for a moment, it got soaked in some sort of juice. 
Do not mess with Julia's Nutella sandwiches. They are sacred. 

Kara: "Do I have pen on my tongue?"
Julia: "Uhh..." *considers tricking Kara for a moment and telling her there is a huge wart on her tongue then decides against it* "Nah, you are fine."

This morning Kara and I woke up at about 7 am. At the beginning of camp we were both able to wake up at 5:30. But it seems I have started coming down with a cold. Who gets a cold during summer? Well obviously I do. :(
I am a bit glad though because it gives me an excuse when I get home to be able to sleep in a little bit, till 8 or something. (Its really bad when you consider waking up at 8 sleeping in.)

This morning after I took a shower, washed my hair and ate breakfast, I went outside. Kara told me to go meditate (again) and to take Sharlie with me. So I gave Sharlie her medicine and took her over to the pond. I sat down on the damp ground and sat there...I closed my eyes..then opened them. Then Ruby came to join me, and I accepted her presence gratefully. Sharlie wandered off a bit. I threw some rocks in the pond...I quickly got bored and thats when I was Georgia go into Sharlie's stall which had pretty much been covered in PDZ because Sharlie had pretty much soaked her stall through and through. Geez it was horrible to clean up. I got  up and quickly went to go get Georgia out. At the same time I remembered that there were towels in the tack room and I could take one to lie on. 
I told Kara about Georgia and that she may want to check what to do if a dog has eaten some of the PDZ and any problems that may occur. We don't want our lovely Georgia to get poisoned on us! 

I went back to the pond and found Sharlie slightly closer than before. I sat down on the towel but it only lasted a few minutes before I lay the towel out and lay down. It was uncomfortable and rocky but I layed face down and let my now soft hair cover my face. I expected myself to either fall asleep as I had been yawning since I had gotten up, or to quite quickly run out of things to think about. However, there always seemed to be new things entering into my mind. Random things such as Ruby begging, or Pat and Linda or Kara's weird assortment of shoes. This continued the whole time, when finally I decided that the flies that were landing on me could be laying eggs. I decided to get up and help Kara and Brita get wood for our bon fire tonight. The bonfire tonight is sort of symbolizing the end of camp which is both good, because I'm looking forward to s'mores, but bad because, like I said before, I never want it to end. 

When I went out to help Kara and Brita to collect the wood, I found myself very extroverted and hyper. I didn't know if it was because I had been lying on the grass for two hours, thinking about nothing and everything, or whether it was just because of the excitement of chocolate and marshmallows and graham crackers! However, about half an hour later when we were coming back inside the barn, I found myself tired again.

Can you tell Kara is typing this for me? It's amazing! I don't have to type anymore. She types super fast you guys, she types like 93 + words a minute! (This is Kara: I usually type 95-115 wpm... and I do enjoy typing for Julia.) 

After sorting Sharlie out and coming back up to the house, Kara and I sat down on my severely deflated air mattress and started working on the computers. Between the ice cream and the Nutella sandwiches, we have pretty much accomplished nothing except for a blog post per person, a banner for Kara's blog, and a few hundred calories burned off with laughing.

This evening I handed Sharlie over to Kara to watch her play and ride her. I took a few photos.
While Kara was playing with Sharlie Cherish had been grazing on the other side of the arena. Suddenly she came galloping over to where Kara and Sharlie were. Then she started following Kara and Sharlie around for a bit.
All I could think of when I saw that was "Horsewoman". Surely some of you have watched the videos of horsemen and women like Klaus Hempfling or the Parellis with horses running after them. <3

As I sat down the cat came over to hang out with me. Note to self: Have 2 people on hand when trying to pull a tick off Skyh. My black tank top ended up white and fluffy.

As it got darker we started up the fire and we started cooking marsh mellows. Don't give me marsh mellows unless you want to help me wipe it off my face, arms, hands, neck, shoulders and even on my chest!!
Sharlie was grazing near the firepit and actually came right up to the fire before we caught her and took her away. She isn't afraid of fire, in fact she seemed to enjoy it. :)

Well I have managed to wash off most of the marshmellow now...


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