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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Learning Way- Emotions

I have a new series of blog posts coming out with questions I've asked Kara and her answers. I may leave a  few different things out because she or I didn't want to post it. You can also find it on Kara's blog.

Our first subject is emotions

Q. What are emotions?

Q. What are emotions in humans vs horses or plants?


Emotions are very beautiful. They can be clear or unclear. There really is no set definition of emotions. An emotion is something that is connected through all, but really, to connect them, there is something else. I may as well call it "energy". Let's say this "energy" can connect all emotions. But not only can it connect emotions - it also connects thoughts, pictures, feelings, etc. Emotions are really just a small part of it, something that a living creature holds... OR something that a living creature has impressed upon a nonliving thing. These impressed upon emotions are what I tend to call "shadow emotions" because they are a shadow of a time of the creature that left it there. This is why some houses are easier to sell than others: Some may be filled with joy, while others had been filled with complete chaos when they were lived in previously. Houses, buildings, art, etc can also take on the emotion or the feeling of the person who created it.

I still didn't explain what emotions are... Hmm... They hold memories within them, the emotions. They are feelings and... hmm... 

 You can never put emotions into a logical thing. They are very abstract things, and it is better that you learn what they are yourself so that you understand them better.

All animals have different levels of emotions. All creatures, really. Emotions go extremely deeply. Extremely. You can only really learn the depth of it as you experience it more. Humans tend to have very shallow emotions, very flat emotions - but they have the ability to have much deeper emotions. I believe that most are born with deeper emotions, or that it is natural for them to. Many people now never even get the chance to have deeper emotions though, because it has been bred again and again to not have deeper emotions. I do believe that it is partially genetics, and partially your soul, and partially your fate and your meaning for life. As it begins to become necessary to become sensitive, you will.... unless you were born without the capacity to. Unfortunately, there are people who are like so. It is extremely unfortunate. But true. Horse's emotions are extremely in depth - I believe, further even than humans will ever go, or ever have the capacity to. I could be wrong - we could have the capacity to match them - or possibly even overpass them. Humans have a unique ability - to have not only emotion, but also intense logic. It's amazing. For plants, it is so clear, and so pure, that it is harder to read than most. It is unsurpassable.

Thank you to Kara Cumberton. Read more here.

Next Time: Learning The Way- Treats & Dragons

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