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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 9

Hey Everyone,

First of all I would like to share this link to an article written by someone who has a challenging Left Brain horse. I found it very interesting as she used the natural power of focus to fix a dangerous and draining situation. Also I encourage you guys to explore the site as I found it very interesting!
Do You Have a Drama Queen on Your Team?

Another quick note- How do you guys like the new look for the blog? I have added a page with some of my favorite horse quotes. I will be continually adding to it as I find more. :) Also you guys may notice the new banner. I like it alot. I mean...a lot!! '10 feet, 3 hearts, 1 leader' just sort of came to me as we were watching the old Level 3 dvds...Something Pat said just triggered that in me.

Kara and I had a really hard time waking up this morning. Really hard. I just wanted to sleeeeeeepppp....ZZzzzzzzzz....

This morning we went out for a trail ride. I was excited because Sharlie and I were becoming more and more confident on the trails...or should I say I was? Sharlie had been confident for the trail rides before, always wanting to take the lead. But I hadn't been quite so confident in myself and her to allow her that free rein during some parts of the ride.

“Horse’s keep us honest in our expectations. When we lack skill, knowledge and experience they let us know immediately. They only ask for realistic expectations, in turn they aspire to meet them.”

So today? My goal was to trust Sharlie more and let her lead the group. As I hadn't played with Sharlie before saddling up and mounting, you could say I was slightly nervous as Sharlie was becoming more and more pushy for the grass. Kara asked me if I was nervous and she tried to unlock the gate so we could exit the barn yard area. It took almost everything I had not to go off of Sharlie's aggravation and snap at Kara and say something like "Sometime this century would be nice!" because I knew I would instantly regret it. Kara and I have only had one disagreement in the past and the guilt that ate me up back then was the only reminder I needed to stay in check now.

However once we got out into the back field and started up the hill, Sharlie and I immediately felt the frustration dissipate and excitement take over. Sharlie took the lead and I didn't hold her back. She proudly walked on the trail, pricking her ears and stretching out her legs. 
I let my mind wander a bit. I had been reading a novel on and it was addicting. I found my thoughts kept returning to it which is a sign of an amazing writer!

After we crossed the road we had to hike up a steep hill, then make our way down it (that was NOT fun) and then back up the opposite hill. Yea...EXTREME hill therapy. As we were half way up the hill I was distracted as I worried that Kara would come cantering up behind me. Sharlie took advantage of this to start trotting up the hill...if you could call that trotting. As Kara described it, she was hopping every which way and was very clumsy. This is what Kara said about it. Its better and sounds more flattering than me. 

"Sharlie began trotting about halfway up the hill, and I watched, chuckling to myself quietly, as she leapt this way and that trying to clear over the brush. Poor Julia was holding on fairly well, but Sharlie wasn't going to make it easy for her. It looked as if Julia was placed back in the saddle, and I had to laugh of the comical feel of the two. I couldn't blame her, for Sharlie's pace and random leaping here and there and going up the steep hill. They smiled at me from above once they made the top, and my mom called me up." (Kara's Blog)

As we continued on, Sharlie and I became more confident. Or should I say I became more confident? Because Sharlie was already confident. We actually were quite a bit in front of Brita and Kara, alone in our own little word. Gave me time to think...not that I needed to. 

After making our way back up the hill, then down then back around the house once again and we trotted up onto the hill we went to the first day, I allowed Sharlie to trot up it. I tried to sit it, moving my hips but she was moving to fast so I just posted. Cherish and Hope followed Sharlie's lead and trotted/cantered up the hill.

We were out on the trails for 3 hours and probably covered several miles. No more need for details.

"Look back at our struggle for freedom, trace our present day's strength to it's source; and you'll find that man's pathway to glory is strewn with the bones of the horse." 

When we came back in I found myself somewhat tired, but it wasn't unbearable. We started watching the old Level 3 Dvds...I'm sorry Pat but you can still be just as boring back then as you are now. After that we tried to watch Level 2 Freestyle (the old one) I find it hard to watch Pat and his horses in those sorts of DVDs as I start to find myself wishing for Sharlie and I to be like that, and then next time I ride I become very frustrated that we are not like that.
Then we watched the April Savvy DVD with Linda, Lindsey and Allure and then Linda and West Point. Kara and I both could tell Linda missed Remmer and I couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness and heartbreak at the fact that we wouldn't see Linda and Remmer again at events or in DVDs. Kara and I know that Linda does love her horses but it wouldn't surprise us if she gave Allure to Lindsey and maybe West Point to another Mastery student. Or maybe she will keep them out of pressuring herself. But Remmer was her baby and anyone can see that if they look hard enough. I am even considering sending Parelli an email, for Linda. There may be a chance she will read it. Who knows?

It was when it was Pat's turn that I fell asleep, and I ended up napping for about 2 hours I believe...?
Kara went out to go take a walk with Cherish (lets not forget the fact its over 95 degrees outside.) About half an hour later I felt that I should go outside and be with Kara...then Brita saw that Sharlie and Cherish were outside grazing (they had been in the stalls) so I knew I should go out.
When I went out I asked Kara if she had been calling me and she told me she had. I couldn't help but feel very excited as I was becoming more and more sensitive. 
After cleaning Sharlie's stall and taking the wheelbarrow down to the manure pile we went back inside and did some yoga. I am so tired of the Downward Dog position! Rawr!

Then Kara and I went back out after the thunder passed. I had hoped she would ride Sharlie again but we just ended up grazing and talking. Gosh I love our talks. I love you Kara! :)

After bout 45 minutes it was starting to get dark so we put the horses in, fed them and then took Sharlie and Cherish out.



  1. try this again....thanks for the referral to my story & my Drama Queen Zoe.. our horses can teach us a lot but I have to figure out posting a comment all by myself first two tries didn't work. Nancy

  2. Julia,

    I've very much enjoyed reading about your struggles and triumphs during this camp. Actually I'm rather envious because it all sounds so fun LOL.

    I was wondering though, what happened to Linda and Remmer?!

  3. Nancy- I loved reading about you and Zoe because my Sharlie used to be like that. We are slowly getting better but we still find ourselves in the same situation now and then. I'll be recommending a few more articles I have found on your site, if that's okay. I love them!

    Grace- I am having fun! I just wish it didn't have to end... Remmer severed his tendons while being ridden by a Mastery Student. It was so bad that he has had to retire. Since this incident Kara and I have noticed that we have been seeing a little less of Linda and a little more of Pat and their Mastery students. Its understandable. He was her baby. <3

  4. Oh that's terrible, I would be really upset if I were Linda! Poor Remmer. And they had so many wonderful plans together too...
    Can't wait to read some more of your posts :)

  5. It is! I was devastated when I heard he was retiring. It feels like I know Remmer personally. Heck, I love him! Its a bigger blow than it would be if it were one of Pat's many Atwood Ranch horses or even West Point or Allure. We all know Remmer alot more personally. He was one of the few horses that were there when we first started our journey! If any of that rambling makes sense! :P