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Monday, March 8, 2010

Liberty, Trailer and Camp! (Part 2)


Hello Savvy Friends!
Let us start off where we left off. So Friday is done. Saturday I went to visit my 2 friends that have horses. They are interested in Parelli, and I hope to help them with their journey. Then on Sunday Mom and I went down to the stable to go on a trail ride. But first some liberty in the round pen. A bucket and a step stool come in handy to use for change of directions. We are going to be playing on making those change of directions into figure 8's soon! :)
Then after a quick exercise in the round pen, we went out for the trail ride. I was riding bareback. Sharlie was doing great! I can't wait till I get a saddle though so we can start trotting more.
After the trail ride we went to feed Sharlie in the trailer. I let her in at liberty, so she would be safer inside. She ate quite nicely. But then she spooked at something and ran out. But she stayed near the trailer and I caught her easily again. Then on Monday, I managed to wing the door so far that now only about a foot and a half is left before it closes.

So that's it for now

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Liberty, Trailer and Camp! (Part 1)

Hello my savvy friends! These last 3 or 4 days have been warm, beautiful and excellent! So let me tell you a little bit about them... :)
Well, I can start with Liberty. If you have been following me for a while, you would know that we have struggled with liberty outside of the round pen. Well on Friday, I discovered something amazing. Either I had underestimated my relationship with Sharlie and hadn't given Sharlie and the relationship to step into the light, or our relationship has grown quickly and quietly, but strongly. Shall I tell you what makes me think this? Well as I was pulling Sharlie out of the field, I swung the rope around her neck, tied it, then turned to lock the gate. Then I started walking over to Mom to ask her something. Sharlie was grazing when I closed the gate, and I didn't think she would go anywhere. Then something amazing happened! When I was half-way between Sharlie and Mom, Sharlie lifted up her head, looked and me, snorted and came walking with me! I experimented with this interesting event. We walked around a little...Sharlie sniffed a trailer but seemed disappointed it was closed. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Then Sharlie promptly went off to eat some grass while I gathered my Carrot Stick. When I returned, she did NOT want to stop eating. I was put out that this cool discovery was over. In fact, I was determined not to let it be the end. I quickly took her off the grass and started to walk. She seemed to understand the grass was not going to happen. Then she spotted something that did not occur to me. Since I was already walking into the barn, she followed. I noticed she was more enthusiastic this time. I thought I was doing good! LOL no.... Then she trotted and hopped into an open stall that had hay AND food all ready inside! I tried to get her out but she was giving me the no-way-in-heck-am-I-getting-out-of-here!!!!! Look. So I had to coax her out. Silly girl. She seemed dissapointed but relaxed into a steady canter nicely once we were away from the barn. We had a good play session with a great trailer dinner. End of Part 1!

END OF PART 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!