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Monday, April 19, 2010

Last Few Wonderful Days

Hey Peoples!!
I apologize for not writing for the last few weeks. I have been so busy. I have literally spent almost everyday down at the farm. I have been having a hard time trying to think of things to teach Sharlie. Finally I came up with this list to try and do or work on before camp:
~Lying down/(bowing)
~ Back up by tail
~ Improve Falling Leaf pattern
~ Start moving into Level 4 online
~ Level 2/3 Liberty

But overall Sharlie's general attitude toward life has improved greatly. I'm proud of her because she has been so obedient. Calm, responsive, etc...
I have already started by teaching her backing her up by the tail. If I stand behind where she can see me and gently pull, have one hand up motioning backwards, and say "back" she will take a few steps back. Its touching because she doesn't want to run me over!! :P

Anyway, I will update you again soon. I'm thinking about trying to canter with Sharlie and the new saddle soon.....

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bright Future ahead!

Dear Friends,
Today I tried my new saddle on Sharlie today. I have to say I did not have high expectations. I have bad experiences where I expect too much of Sharlie and I end up getting upset because things don't go as planned and Sharlie doesn't understand what she did wrong. So I decided to set my sights low. I decided that is would be fine if I never got to ride Sharlie today because she wasn't comfortable or emotionally ready. I was hesitant to get on after she seemed to have trouble adjusting to the saddle. But once I got on and we went down to the stream, I was already feeling a difference. She had her head lower down than usually and she lengthened her stride. And for the first time in a very long time, I trotted Sharlie more then I ever had. And I wasn't scared, I wasn't panicking, it was FUN! Her gait was much smoother and more fluid. Our future with this saddle is looking great!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My Wintec 2000 saddle arrived today! Can't wait to try it out tomorrow!!
Please also check out the blog below! There isn't much right now, but hopefully there will be!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Long time no write

Hello dear Savvy friends.
I apologize for not writing for at least a whole month now. But lately I have been extremely busy. We have state tests and big field trips happening in April so there has been a lot of extra schoolwork. Plus I was sick for all of last week, and the make up work has been overwhelming. Yet I have found time to play with Sharlie. We have been playing with cantering on the 22 foot line, Spanish Walk, traveling circles, jumping and collecting on the ground. Riding has been more of I am on Sharlie's back and I let her graze while I lay back and doze. The reason why I haven't tried to ride more and do patterns and such is because I sent an email to Parelli asking for help and advice. I told them about our problems, etc... I got a reply a few days ago saying to just take it easy and don't try anything new. Wait until I go to camp where I can get the professional help I may need, and the help that Sharlie needs. So I have been focusing on the ground mostly. The last few visits have been focused on grooming Sharlie because she, like all of the horses at the stables, is shedding her winter coat. It is comical how I can give her a small stroke on her neck and what I receive in return is a hand full of hair!
I am also helping the owners of the barn by slowly ''playing'' with one of their ponies. Now I am not really playing with him. I am just showing him that being caught does not mean just going to go work. It means that he will be able to eat the grass outside of his field (Because he believes the grass is greener on the other side of course!) , that he will be groomed and massaged, helping him to relax and lose his winter coat. And that he can sniff and play with new things and not be punished for it. He can sniff my saddle pad and he can carry it around and then stamp on it for all I care. He should not be punished for being curious and smart. Because Casper is VERY smart. He is smarter than Sharlie, than any other horse I have ever met. And because he is so smart, it is a challenge to get him to trust me. I have to unpredictable every time I go to try and catch him, and if he doesn't want to be caught that day because either he doesn't want to or he can't emotionally, I have to swallow my disappointment and surprise him by saying "Ok, I understand. I wouldn't want to be pulled straight out of the shower and go straight to work." But I feel that we are making progress. He isn't spooking at everything. He can go up and meet horses that he hasn't met yet and not be scared of them. He is healing. But if you could comment and vote whether I should make him his own blog, or just incorporate him into this blog. Thank you.
So all seems to be well at the moment. I am on spring break now and I hope to help by grooming the fluffy horses that have still fur to lose. My birthday is only a few days away and I am looking forward to it. All is well at the moment.

May the horse be with you