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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Playing at Kara's

These last few days I've been at Kara's house (I'm here now) and I have been having so much fun. I really hope that bringing Sharlie here for a playdate/mega-sleepover will be possible soon.

I have learnt so much here too. It is so nice to be able to watch Parelli DVDs with people to compare and reflect on it. I have been riding Hope, Brita's horse. Hope is a mild RBE/LBE and sometimes snotty LBI. She has been very good to me though. I think that I could learn alot from here.

We have been playing with the pond alot. Hope WAS scared of the water but this morning after a long sweaty trailride she went in with Kara riding Cherish and lay down 3 times! Cherish lied down several times with Kara on his back. This evening Hope amazed us more by swimming across the pond!

I am having so much fun and I really wish I could stay. Oh well...

Stay Savvy!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Camp- Day 2 Tuesday

Tuesday was the first full day of camp. Bright and early during breakfast, Hannah made my day! I saw her trailer pull up in the driveway and I had this sense of relief. My idol is here.(!) We had our horses fed and tacked up and took them to the big back field that is full of toys. I couldn't wait to take Sharlie out there. I was hoping she would like several of the obstacles such as the tires, the big rings and the logs. We ended up spending a lot of time at the tires. I wish we could have had more time back there. There is not enough time for playing with everything.
Within a few minutes we were mounted up in the arena working on Follow the Rail and cantering.

That afternoon we worked on trailer loading. Sharlie got to the point where she trotted into the trailer! I was so happy!!
Then riding in the arena, we had the sprinkler on (IT WAS SO HOT!) We did figure 8's around the whole arena. Several times I could let go of the reins...Wow.

Camp- Day 1 Monday

When everyone arrive, Jennifer took us over the rules and schedule. After that we went out to go get our horses to play the 7 games with them in the arena, so Jennifer could see where we were with our horses. I learnt a lot that morning because we got so deep into the Seven Games. Unfortunately 2 girls passed out so the morning was eventful. By the afternoon, we were riding. I was prepared for Sharlie being very Right Brain and Extroverted. What I got surprised me. She was introverted. She was flipping from LBI and RBI but at least she didn't try and run away with me.

So I was surprised about the difference already apparent in Sharlie, and excited to see if Hannah would come the next day.