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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 8 of Camp

Well. Today was interesting.

I was planning on filming my liberty audition and we did film something....but it turned out it wouldn't be my audition.

First Sharlie was really slow on the Figure 8's. That I really didn't mind, in my point of view it was expected.
We had a bit of trouble with the pedestal. Sharlie got distracted because Hope was running around free in the back field. We had to restart once, and after that Sharlie did well. I just forgot one thing. Circling game.

After the other night I didn't think there would be a problem. But there was. She kept leaving me if I asked her to go faster than a walk or go to the left.
Kara said I was putting too much pressure on her. Hmmm...
Online she was fine. Even when the rope was trailing on the ground next to her and I wasn't touching it she would walk, trot and canter in both directions. So what was different?
Me maybe?
Yes. I put too much pressure on myself, thus putting pressure on Sharlie.
This evening we are going to go out and try again. I really hope to be able to film it tonight but we will take our time.

I was about to take Sharlie out to the back field where Finale, Hope and Cherish were grazing as Brita and Kara watched over them. (Note: Not fenced all.) But then I saw Brita come running toward me. "The horses have cantered off." She told me before hurrying to go get the truck.

I rushed to go put Sharlie in the arena and then I started running out into the back field, to try and find the horses. Kara had already had a head start so I was hoping she would catch them before they got to the road.

As I started wandering through the brush, I was in the human frame of mind. It was difficult to navigate and quite quickly I found myself surrounded by brambles. I thought to myself "The horses were just cantering through here with lead ropes and they didn't get caught in brambles. What if I thought like them?"
I got myself into the horse's frame of mind. I'm not sure how but I did. Next thing I knew I was up by Kara without another scratch on my leg and I wasn't even tired even though I had walked a good half a mile at least.

That evening we decided to not to do anything with the horses. We were tired, it was humid, the horses were tired....
Kara and I just spent some time with the horses talking about things that will stay only between us before coming inside...and quite quickly going to bed.

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