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Friday, November 23, 2012

Time to Evolve

Hello all!

I know, it has been forever and a day. I am awful. Throw tomatoes at me, I won't object!

Anyway, I've been away writing a novel, keeping my head above water in school, a sprinkle of horses, and reading reading reading reading reading. Oh yea, and I also participated in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. But more on that later!

Anyway, as I've been reading, I have been coming up with lots and lots of thoughts- thoughts I would love to share on here, but as this is a "horse blog", that hardly seems appropriate. So I keep the thoughts to myself and continue waiting for something to blog about.

Until I actually LOOK at the things I have posted lately and noticed they have absolutely nothing to do with Sharlie and Casper, nor my Parelli Journey. At which point I have to think about this blog and how to keep it alive.

To be perfectly honest, I love this blog. I've managed to feed it and keep it breathing for over three years, something I'm pretty proud of. But back 3 years ago, it made sense to have a horse-only blog. My life revolved around horses.

Now, however, I am multi-dimensional. I have many interests. Writing, horses, reading, and many other things! So why should I limit this blog to just horses, especially when that isn't enough to sustain it?

So I've come to a decision. I will be working from now until Christmas to slowly re-organize and redesign this blog so that it can accept all corners of my life now, not just Sharlie and Casper.

Of course, I will still post about them. But now I will be able to write about more things! :)

Also, spread word to friends and family. I do love followers (a bad habit, sorry) and love feedback! And the comment section is rather...empty. :(