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Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Learning Way- Horses Reflect Humans & Vice Versa

Q. The horse reflects the human and the human reflects the horse. With joy, anger, tension, emotions, memories...? (By adding a question mark to the end, I am asking for your reflection on that and your comment. As I wasn't sure how to phrase it into a sentence.)


The horse reflects the human.
The human reflects the horse.
With joy, anger, tension, emotions, memories.

This can happen often's different. I'll use Aubrey as an example - she was crying next to Dante, and Dante became more nervous and also a bit sad, but not because she was sad - because he was sad. If Aubrey was sad, but Dante was not sad, he would become more of a comforting role with a bit of empathy - but it would not become his own emotion. Typically, horses only mirror people's emotions when they are trying to send them a message. If you understand your horse and you can hear your horse and listen to your horse, and you are feeling some emotion, most likely you will also be fairly balanced. It seems like all of these things pretty much go hand in hand with animals. It is mainly the unbalanced and distorted or hidden emotions that make the horse show you something. If you are frustrated, and acting as if you are, but you are truly nervous in underneath out of complete and utter fear, the horse will show you the complete and utter fear that you hold, and will also become nervous itself. Horses have this thing that tells them not to trust anything that denies its true emotions - because these creatures tend to be very unpredictable and taunting. They think they're on top, and that they know all through logic and that they can conquer all through simple means - and that is exactly the problem with humans.

Tension is something that results from distorted, unbalanced, or hidden emotions. If you are nervous, you can still be nervous and hold no tension. Sometimes I become nervous, but never do I become tense. This is because I am completely truthful with myself about my nervousness, the gravity and weight of it, why I'm nervous, and how long it's been there... etc etc. You will only gain tension from having facades and whatnot and being unbalanced. Tension is created from incongruent "innerds", as Ray Hunt calls it, of the human.

Thank you Kara once again! (And Aubrey too) Beautiful Dreamworld

Next time: A Learning Way- Ear Shy

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