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Saturday, February 19, 2011

On Friday Kara and Brita came to pick me up on Friday late afternoon. It was a ...long ride home. Kara's brother and his friend never stop. Never. Extreme LBEs!!!!
Once we got home we just hung out. Read some Parelli stuff then went out and did the chores. Then we came back in and Kara and I hung around upstairs which I haven't been able to do before. No, really, I haven't been upstairs that much. Maybe...once. I got to see the guest room where I'll be staying for 2 weeks this summer. It is a beautiful room with some lovely colors and decoration, with a balcony looking over the barn. I will be in paradise. :)
Then we watched some Fatal Attractions ( I productive!) but then I turned on some Parelli episodes to sort of half-watch while Kara read her new book Dancing with Horses by Klaus Hempfling. (Can't wait to read it! I am borrowing Tao of Equus now.) We fell asleep about 11. Or at least I did.

On Saturday morning, Kara woke up about 7:13 and I woke up about 7:30. (Sadly my phone failed at being my alarm as it was searching for signal all night and died. I'll have to remember that in the summer.
(Kara I don't think I could wake up at 5 every morning unless we are going to bed at 8! :P  Lets try waking up at 7...)
Then after lounging around for a bit we went out and fed the horses. Brr...windy.
At 10 we went out and I had my lesson with Kara & Cherish.
This lesson was so...amazing... it deserves its own post so stay posted! :) *
We went back in at about 12:30 to each some lunch. I enjoyed sitting on the balcony looking over the horses and the barn. I enjoyed sitting with Kara even more.

Then we went back out again to catch Finale and Hope (1:30ish...). I had Hope and Kara had Finale. We made our way out to the back and onto the path along the trees. We walked one way...then sorta wandered the other way. While we walked I experimented with bringing energy up and down. I would do short surges of energy suck as to jump over a hill or ditch. Hope was very responsive so it gave me a good idea of what I was doing wrong with Sharlie. (Kara also pointed that out. *) Then on our way back we stopped at their new tire and just sat down on the tire and let the horses graze. What I love about being with Kara is that we can talk about anything.

It must have been around 3 by the time we put them up. We decided to actually turn the tire into a pedestal, as it was to become. We had to find a flat spot then Kara and I had to clear ALL the weeds, dead grass, rotting wood, etc... and make a space to put it down. Then we made several trips to fill it with poop. Sadly we weren't able to finish while I was down but we did make considerable progress. I look forward to seeing a photo of Cherish, Finale or Hope on it for the first time.

Then after some burnt cookies, admiring Kara and Brita's extensive Parelli library and wishing for their life (for the 100th time) it was time to leave.
I have borrowed the book Tao of Equus as well as the Online and Liberty Patterns DVDs and booklets as well as one of their mastery manuals.
Im going to be busy!! :)
More posts coming soon!

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