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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finding Casper

Good Morning again!

Casper and I showing off my new hair.
So yesterday- Saturday- was a Casper day.  In fact, I videoed it. I will post the video on Youtube when it is done and give you guys the link. My main objective with Casper is desensitizing him, or in other words The Friendly Game.
Another form of the Friendly Game. Rubbing hay all over.
Now I have been telling friends that we are in negative Level 1, still playing the games for the first time. Someone pointed out to me yesterday (as they had seen a small part of Casper's video on my Facebook) that I am not negative Level 1. In that video I was doing Level 1 & 2 tasks. I had him on a tarp confidently, walk over a 2 foot wide plank (our equivalent of a pedestal...I can't wait till I can go to Kara's and use a real pedestal!) Another pointed out they could almost see the bond between us, as if it was a solid object in the arena with us. That touched me deeply.
So actually, I have been insulting Casper and his intelligence -as well as myself- by saying that we are not even in Level 1. 
Maybe by the time we are through playing the Friendly Game, we will be able to do Level 2 & 3 tasks. Friendly game is the hardest for us as Casper can be so unconfident at times. I believe once we move onto the next few games, it will go by much quicker. I already know his Porcupine, Driving and Yoyo are very good.
Its just a matter of finding where he needs more work and working on it. Finding out where he likes to be scratched, and scratching him there. :) etc...

Another way I am 'finding' Casper is by discovering myself. Thanks to Kara and Emily I have been reading up on Klaus Hempfling. The article I have read so far (I am slow with this sort of 'deep' reading as I need to reread it over and over again, while annotating and taking notes.) Anyway, the article is about your body language and how you are around the horse. Klaus Hempfling is always calm around his horses, even if they are scared or rearing or whatever. 
This calm body language helped alot when we approached our new obstacle yesterday (our 2 foot plank that I mentioned earlier) and when I entered the  field when I first arrived and approached the field to find both horses- Sharlie and Casper that is- lying down in the hay. Casper was on his side off in the shade. He was so lazy! He didn't even look up to see who was coming until I had opened the gate. The he got into a sitting position and watched me. I stayed calm and just kept smiling. He stayed there watching me till I walked over to Sharlie who was lying down in the sun. She had her legs tucked under her and was resting her nose on the pillow of hay. She was asleep. So I slowly approached her making sure not to surprise her as I was on her blind side. Once she saw me she went back to sleep. I kneeled down beside her and began to stroke her neck over and over again. We sat there for about 10 minutes before Lady- the 3rd horse in the field- bullied her out of the way so Lady could eat some of the hay Sharlie was lying on...really Lady?

Anyway. My calm body language kept Sharlie and Casper from scrabbling up immediately and instead letting me share that moment with them. Sadly no photos...
According to Hempfling's "Recognize Your Horse" video series on his youtube page and book Casper could be the following types of horse:
The Dove
The Dancer
The Origin
All very possible in my opinion

Lastly: I am searching to find Casper in terms of what breed he could be. Indeed it is very possible for him to be a mix of mixes but I would like to try. I am thinking along the lines of Dartmoor pony, Welsh, etc...
If you have any ideas let me know.

Thats all for now
Stay Natural.


  1. I am SO glad you are discovering yourself. It gets really wonderful when you realize who you are completely [: That post just made me so happy and peaceful.....

  2. Awwww :D
    I'm sure we will have loads and loads to talk about this weekend. I want to talk to you about Klaus Hempfling more in person. :)