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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Gypsy shall lead to the Origin

Tada! I have finally figured out what Sharlie and Casper are, in Klaus Hempling's terms.

Sharlie is the Gypsy
When we 'dance' or play with energy and have no concept or time or any real goal in mind then it can definitely be like a 'fiery tango.' She does need lots of time and attention both physically as well as mentally/emotionally. Taking care of her eye requires lots of time and attention, but when playing with her she prefers longer sessions. Sadly I usually don't have enough time for as long as she likes them. She is definitely no beginner's horse. I had to find that out the hard way. I can't imagine a little girl riding her. :o
She needs soft but clear guidance. It its not clear then she won't do anything. She will just stop. And she really doesn't need big phases. Just needs body language.
Physically she does have a strong bone structure but at the same time a delicate appearance (apart from that fat fat belly! :P) And she is much tougher than she appears. She has lasted through this battle with the moon blindness and the harsh winters and she is still going strong.
Some other points on The Gypsy
~ Charming and gently but unrestrained.
~Loyal but unattached and free.
~Always remains intense and wild

Casper is the Origin

Freedom-loving, independent and unyielding. A stranger to civilization. Living deeply in his own world. Difficult to influence. Apparent stubbornness is in truth the expression of independent existence. Reacts to changes. Very much of the earth.
Can become very problematic for children. Noble in his nature. Wise, open and vulnerable.

Need I say more? That is Casper!!

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