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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Maintenance Day/Aka Undemanding time

On Monday, even though the weather was GORGEOUS (loooovvveeeee iiitttttt!!!!!!!!) I decided to do nothing with Sharlie and Casper. Casper was distant and flighty after we got him out of the fence* and Sharlie was just not in the mood. She would rather sunbathe.
But instead of sitting I decided to do something productive. Clean up the mess the 3 horses have made by the fence. Sharlie and Casper have a "designated poop stop" and I'm fine with that. Sadly in this field, the marked spot is RIGHT by the gate. So I decided to clean it up today.
5 super large wheelbarrows later I had finally cleaned up all that poop! Maybe I can use it as some fertilizer in a few weeks. The grass is starting to grow!

Sharlie and Casper watched me the whole time but never came over to see me. I had been right about them being distant.

* Yes, when I arrived Casper was stuck in the fence. Badly. It was his right hind leg and it was caught in the fence (square holes) all the way up to his hip. It gets worse. He had somehow managed to get his hoof back through another hole so it was back his side of the fence. If he tried to get out, it would surely get severely damaged.
With Mom's help and lots of slow maneuvering we finally managed to get his leg free. I hope he has learned his lesson.

o Lead by ear.
o Lead by chin.
o Hold tongue.
o Lead by mane.
o Weave Pattern
o Larger Area
o Lead by ear
o Lead by chin
o Lead by mane
o Stick to me @ trot
o Approach & Retreat with Saddle
o Friendly Game while standing still bareback
That should keep me busy! :D

1 comment:

  1. Whew, so glad for Casper that the fence thing turned out just have been horrified, i know I would have been......thank god for big miracles