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Monday, January 31, 2011


5 hours down at Mercy. It went by so fast. Let me start with what I did with Sharlie. 

She was waiting for me by the gate and was very happy to see me. There has been a change in both Sharlie and Casper lately... I'm not complaining but I find it rather odd. It could be the weather but I like to think its me... :) I gave her a good brushing out and she enjoyed it. For those who have heard about the hoof problem, there is some scarring and extra tissue but she didn't seem to put off by it. 

I then took her out for some hill therapy. She enjoyed it! It was odd to see her enjoying trotting up and down a hill. While she hasn't figure it out yet, she did seem to remember from last time. The dip in her neck is already looking better. I have taken advantage of the warm weather, but I was nervous about making the commitment to doing Hill Therapy for 7 straight days, especially as rain and colder weather is predicted. I will have to fight it however because we have started and I can't fail like last time and stop. 

After hill therapy I switched back to the 12 foot rope. Sharlie has been excellent with liberty and such lately. I've been able to back her up out of the pasture with a wiggle of my finger while the lead rope is flung over her back. We have been able to walk here and there and I was able to just drop the lead rope while I groomed her and she didn't go anywhere. She is definitely doing much better.

When I went out to go catch Casper he came up to me and was pleased to see me. Let me show you how that conversation rolled out:

Julia: Hi Casper
Casper: Hi Julia
*Julia strokes Casper's neck*
*Casper bends his head around to her*
Casper: Here why don't you put the halter on?
Julia: Really?
Casper: Yea! It's cool. I want to go explore.
*Julia halters Casper*

It was interesting to see him wanting to be haltered. The last time that was was back in May. All I did with him was groom his legs. It was part of the Friendly game as he can be sensitive around his legs. By the end of gently brushing his legs for an hour with a soft brush, I was able to drop the leadrope and he rested his nose on my back. (I was sitting on a bench and was bent over.)

He is coming along wonderfully. I have realized I can't do the typical "rope-over-the-back" Friendly game with him. I have to be much more creative. Time to break out the tarp. :)

About this mysterious positive air coming from my horses:

Have I ever seen my horses so happy? Probably not. Have I ever been able to walk into the field and Casper come up to me and I can halter him without a problem during the year we have been playing? No. 

Just to stand with Sharlie stroking her neck as she hugs me. Just to fling the rope over her back and back her out at liberty through the gate .... its magical. 

On a side note:

I love Sharlie because when I do the right thing she lets me know. When I mess up she will usually be good to me and be patient. And when she gives me her all, its the most magical thing in the world. I love her for the things she has taught me and the habits she has broken in me. The friends she has brought me and the people she has revealed who were out to get me. She is my first horse. She is my best friend.

I love Casper because he is special. Not just to me but to everyone. In my 6 years of riding and being around horses I have never met anyone so smart. He is the Einstein of horses. But at the same time he is that little boy in the corner of the day care playing by himself and extremely shy. He tries to please you but he is scared. I love him because like Sharlie, when he opens his heart it is the best experience ever. To know I am getting through to him after so many people tried and failed. I love him because he has put aside so many evil things to let me love him. You can't beat that. 

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