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Friday, January 14, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Yes, we got snow. And lots of it! I only was able to make it down on Wednesday, after 2 days of snow. 
I have been strangely RBE these last few days. Probably from being trapped inside from the snow. Its nice and all, especially with no school all week but eventually it gets...old.
Sharlie only went into the stall on Sunday night, the night the snow fell. She has been out since then and I think its been doing her good because the coat is fitting a bit looser! Yay!

I have found out the best learning formula for myself is to read about it first on paper, then watch a video about it then to be able to actually go out and put it into action that same day. That is another reason I am so looking forward to going to Kara's this summer. Because I can put this training formula for myself to use. Wake up, make food for ourselves. I will have a topic that I want or need to research, something like thresholds, or Friendly Game/Level3/Freestyle. Something like that. So  read about it. Then watch a video or two. Then go out and put it into action that evening! :)

I have been doing a lot a lot ALOT of research on Right Brain Introverts and how to help them and stuff. I got a Parelli Agenda (as well as a RBE shirt) from Kara & Brita, our Parelli friends, which has helped me a lot. I have been writing out what I should look up, a video I should watch or a Savvy Times I should look through. It has helped a lot to help myself commit to watching and reading more. Unfortunately my weakness here is I still can't sit down and watch a long DVD such as the Level 3 DvDs. If it over 30 minutes I can't bring myself to sitting through it.

I had emailed Parelli about my confidence issues with riding and Freestyle. Kara and others have been giving me advice and comforting me, but I have felt rather lost and confused. I read an article by Linda Parelli about leadership in the saddle. I realized I definitely no leader when riding. The thing was I don't have a clue how to be a leader in the saddle. Kara also showed me the post written on the Parelli Central Blog about my possible marshmellow-ness. Link below.

Goals. Goals. G.O.A.L.S. I need to give myself goals. I have these really overall goals such as "Start Casper to saddle" and "Audition and pass Level 2 and 3 this year." But I have no deadlines which gives me no motivation.

I did have problems in the past of being too direct-lined when I set myself too many goals. But I do need goals such as weekly goals and monthly goals.

So yep. Goals. Something to think about. Like Linda would say. Hmmmm...

I look forward to spending Saturday with Kara. I'm hoping she can help with Casper some more. And Sharlie. Ah dear Kara...what would I do without her?

Thats all for now. Happy snow days. Unless your in Florida, your state has snow! :)


PS- Sorry about the big gaps and spacing between paragraphs. It was acting funny and the writing was hiding behind the photos so this is the only way it will work.

1 comment:

  1. I have some things that you may want to look at.
    This was recommended by another Savvy Club user (for someone else, but it came up at the right time) for completing your goals. Apparently you can also challenge others to goals, so I'll do it with you if you want.

    -"Pats Challenge: A Balancing Act" by Norma Safford Vela, Issue 21, pg 40

    -"Linda's Journey: Setting Goals" by Linda Parelli, Issue 21, pg 92

    -"Overcoming Fear" by Linda Parelli, Issue 22, pg 29

    -"Parelli and Personal Discovery: How your journey can help you be the person you really are." by Pam Billinge, Issue 22, pg 80

    -"Learning to Solve the Problem of Solving the Problem" by Dr. Jean Lewis, Issue 23, pg 20

    -"Nothing is Impossible: with Cathy Dudick" by Terra N. K. Pugh, Issue 23, pg 28

    -"Finding Neutral" by Pat Parelli, Issue 23, pg 54

    -"The Ultimate Training Formula" by Linda Parelli, Issue 23, pg 81

    -"Wash Those Fears Away" by Teri Sprague, Issue 24, pg 72

    -"Can You?: A Parelli Professional's Perspective on Teaching by Tasking" by Jerry Williams, Issue 26, pg 66

    -"The Joy of Conscious Incompetence" by Teri Sprague, Issue 26, pg 68

    -"Dream Big Enough" by Don Jessop, Issue 27, pg 26

    -"Coming to Terms With Fear: How a Knock to the Head Changed My Way of Thinking" by Fran Latane, Issue 27, pg 60

    -"Linda's Journey: Ya Gotta Have a Goal" Issue 28, pg 72

    -"Second-Hand Gold" by Teri Sprague, Issue 28, pg 74

    These were really helpful for me, so hope it's good for you too.