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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Undemanding Time -Day 2

On Wednesday I went down to the stables to spend some more undemanding time with Casper and maybe hopefully play with Sharlie.
It was so horribly muddy I quickly decided against playing with Sharlie but instead just spending some undemanding time with Sharlie and Casper.
While I was walking to their field I found a ball that I call an "Einstein" ball. It looks kinda like one of those radiation symbols with the atom in the middle... Maybe you have no clue what I'm talking about but thats ok. You will just be really confused for the rest of the post! :)
I stuck pieces of carrots into the holes and put it into the bucket. Casper dove for it and started playing with it in the bucket then sometimes grab ahold of a carrot and shake it back and forth till it came loose and the ball would fall back into the bucket. It was AMAZING to see him so confident and left brain!! I will definitely have to keep that in mind as a toy. He loved it!
This also occupied him for some time so that I could spend some undemanding time with Sharlie. But quite quickly he realized Sharlie was getting the attention and he threw the ball outside the field (so Sharlie didn't get it, I'm assuming) and then chased Sharlie away.
He gave me a quick inspection and then stood over me. I wasn't sure why before but I researched on the Savvy Club. He was standing me as a mare stands over a foal, which is the goal.

Aww Casper do you want to be a daddy? Too bad. You lost your manhood ages ago. :) Maybe we will adopt you a son. If you are a good boy. Lol.

So that is day two of spending undemanding time with them. I spent about 45 minutes with them this time.


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