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Monday, January 17, 2011

Undemanding Time- Day 1

I am not sure whether I was doing Carolyn Resnick's Watering Hole Ritual #1 or spending undemanding time. Aren't they the same thing? If not, I just mixed them together.

I had been planning to play with Sharlie as well today but it was so muddy and horrible I decided against it. So I just settled down on a hard cold rock and pulled out my copy of Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.
I was in the middle of a sentence when two big beautiful brown eyes appeared within inches before me.

Within 5 minutes Casper came over to see what I was up to. He sniffed all over my legs and then started licking the book. Then he grabbed it with his teeth and tried to pull it out of my hands. I held on and it seemed to scare him. He walked off and tried to reach my bag on the other side of the fence for a few minutes. Then he came back. He sniffed my shirt and coat, and blew out, releasing tension. He started licking the book again but did not try and bite it. Instead he walked around to stand behind me and rested his nose on my head. And he just rested there. Every few moments he would play with his lips against my hair.

After about 15 minutes he walked off again. Then he came back within 30 seconds. This happened several times before I got up and fed the horses. Sharlie only managed to come over to see me once because Casper was being so protective.

Every time he walked off I started reading my book. When he came over and nuzzled me, wanting attention, I would look up and smile at him. He wouldn't let me touch him. I think after a few more days he will become more accepting but this is way more than I expected. Its a very good start.

A funny quicky: When Sharlie came over she sniffed me all over then took the book between her teeth and threw it over the fence!
Turns out a book is a very good toy. I will have to bring them one they are ALLOWED to rip up! :)


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  1. I did this Monday and got something very similar to Casper, but with Finale instead. I've been meaning to post it but haven't gotten to it yet. That's great though!!