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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunday of Parelli Weekend Awesomeness

Saturday Evening

On Saturday evening Kara, Mom and I sat down to watch some Parelli DvDs Kara had brought over. They were from the Sucsess Series.
~7 Games
~ Horsenality

I am not sure if we watched another one...hmmm


On Sunday morning Kara and I got up at 8:30 (ugh) to go do the chores at the stables. We got down there, fed the horses and started turning them out. Afterward we went to go catch Sharlie and Casper to go out on a trail ride. I was going to go get Casper on Sunday. I had a very hard time going slowly, but I think I did well. I didn't come straight at him, instead I started walking around the hill to go see Lady. But then he took me by suprise and came walking up to me. I smiled at him and stroked his neck. I lifted the rope to put over his back and he glanced away. I turned away until he turned his head back and nuzzled me. This time he let me put the rope over his back. I rubbed him with the rope on his back and neck and he seemed ok. I was careful to keep my belly button to point away from him. I tripped up once and pointed my belly button to him and he shied away and took a step back. I quickly turned my back to him.
It seemed to be going well but then I must have stepped over some invisible line because he started to walk away. Hmm...maybe it was because Mom was walking up. Geez Mom! :)
However when I caught up to him and got to the point of slipping on the halter he didn't raise his head or spook so I obviosly did something right.
I was looking forward to Kara showing me some stuff while we played with the horses on the ground before going out on another trailride but oddly enough, we had completely lost track of time. I don't even remember when we mounted up, when we got back, when we ate lunch. All I know is that we woke up at 8:30am and we got back home from dropping Kara off at 5:30pm. Odd. Totally timeless.
Back to my point. We were taking too long so we had to go straight out onto the trail. I rode Casper and boy is he bony! His back was oh so very uncomfortable!! Hill therapy will be needed as soon as it dries up.
Out on the trails Casper did ok, except he was constantly diving for the grass. On our way back I sensed myself becoming very frustrated and I knew that I would eventually lash out at Casper if I stayed on him. I asked Kara to switch horses with me which she obliged, thank goodness. Thank you Kara! :P

When we got back we ate some Macaroni & Cheese (YUM!) and watched part 1 of the Celebrations DVD. Or most of Part 1 anyway.

Thats that for now. Will write about Wednesday later. :)

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