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Saturday, January 15, 2011

30-day PNH Blog Challenge


Like Kara, I cannot wait to do one question a day. So I will do one today and one tomorrow! :)

Day 1-How did you find PNH 
A free DVD with a horse magazine in the UK. When I first watched, I was instantly hooked. There was only 2 problems. 1) I didn't have a horse, and 2) What on earth was I supposed to do??
Day 2-What is your favorite savvy and why ?
Even with what little positive exposure I've had to it, I have to say that Liberty is by far my favorite. When Sharlie does something better than you asked for or starts to offer, you can feel the strength of the amazing bond you share.
Day 3-What is your partners favorite game
Sharlie- Friendly. Where she can just stand and relax. 
Casper- He prefers undemanding time as he still becomes very nervous when we are playing the 7 games, or any other type of game. 
Day 4-One BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) moment you've had 
Casper: Hmmm... I've had one big one...It was probably when I found out he was going to be on the horse market (for sale) and I realized I loved him. It got me to step back for a moment to evaluate why I loved him. It was sort of like in a dating relationship when you realize you love the other person and you realize its the little things. For Casper it was when he pricked his ears, when he would follow me around the pasture even when he didn't want to be caught. And the amount of progress we made between February and May was truly outstanding. Going from a horse who would run in the opposite direction of a person to a horse that would come to meet me at the gate...that was...outstanding. It was the little things with Casper that caused me to realize he was something very good for my soul.

Sharlie:  I have had many BFO moments with Sharlie...some big, some small. The most interesting I think was if I just trusted her and gave her more responsibility, she would probably do it and offer even more than I was asking. I hadn't even realized I was micro-managing her!
Day 5-What is your favorite DVD, Celebration, Tour Stop etc..etc…moment 
I can't say I'm too impressed with the Tour stops. They are great and inspirational but they don't give me what I need. I need to have more personal contact, to be able to ask more questions and have a conversation. My favorite item would have to be the Mastery Manuals! I. LOVE. THEM!!
Day 6- What is your dream with your horse?
Sharlie: To be able to ride her bareback and bridless almost anywhere and to be able to play at liberty in the wide open without having to worry about her leaving. To go riding off in the sunset anywhere, anytime.

Casper: To have a dependable, trusting, confident pony who is best for trails but can also do finesse. No competing though!! Tsk tsk. (Except maybe some endurance or something...just for fun.)
Day 7-A time you turned a moment of frustration into a moment of "Hmm How Interesting?" 
Sharlie: I've been frustrated sooo many times with her and have never had the self control to turn it into something positive. One of the few times I did (!) when we were out trailriding and Sharlie started trotting very fast, and she was extremely tense and high strung. Usually I would be going "Slow down! GEEZ DON'T YOU EVER GET IT??" But today (probably thanks to Kara's calming presence) I just turned her in circles and she stopped. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm................ How interesting! I didn't need to be all up in her mouth to stop her!
Casper: I can never get frustrated at Casper. Mwah! 

Day 8-What is your horsenality, what is your partners horsenality and how do you make them work together 
I can be very very very "all-over-the-place." I can be very introverted and calm and thoughtful, but other times I can be hysterical with laughter, shouting and using grand hand gestures. Luckily when I am around the horses, I am calm and confident. (Usually.) So they don't have to put up with this. If there is one I let my crazy emotions out onto its Sharlie. Her lovely tolerant LBI nature is perfect for that. She just looks at me with a look that says "Whatever..." and just stands there. 

Day 9-A moment you have had with your partner that would not have been possible without PNH 
When Casper comes to me. Without PNH Casper probably wouldn't be in my life anymore! Let alone trailriding, taking walks...its the little things that you can't describe. Like when you walk past the object that always seems to grow fangs when you walk by, but one day...its not scary anymore!

With Sharlie its when she relaxes...deep breaths, puts her head down....sigh..... I love the feeling of tension leaving her body.
Day 10-Post your favorite picture of you and your partner and write about it. 

Photo w/ Sharlie) It is during camp when I rode around on a Casual rein the WHOLE TIME! Walking, trotting, figure 8's, you name it, we did it on a casual rein. Except for cantering. It helps me remember that is my goal. To be able to do that all the time. Even when cantering!
Photo w/ Casper) As you know it was taken very recently. It is the first photo of Casper and me together on the ground and he is happy. Very happy. Reminds me  where he came from and how far we've come. So no matter what happens, I can look at this photo and remember I love him.

Day 11-Pat and Linda don't where a helmet….do you? Why or Why Not? 
Helmet. 1) its the rules. 2) You know when you don't think something will happen, but that one time you are SURE it won't happen, it happens? Yea. Better wear a helmet. As much as I dislike it.
Day 12-Your favorite horsenality to play with and why? 
I haven't had much exposure to a lot of playing with the different horsenalities but I know I definitely know I prefer Left Brain horses. I do better with calm!
Day 13-Post a video (could be an audition) of you playing with your horse

Day 14-What PNH tools, clothing, tack etc. do you own? 
2 Parelli T-shirts which are too big, but I love them! A halter, a carrot stick, the savvy club card, the old agenda, the new agenda, the LBI pin, 7 or 8 Savvy Club Times issues, both of Pat's books, Level 3 DvDs, and hopefully, if we can find them ever again, at least 20 Monthly Savvy Club DVDs. Thats pretty much it. I always wish I had more. 
Day 15-How is PNH perceived where you live, board or ride at? 
Needless to say I am the only one that does Parelli at my barn, and probably the only one that ever will. I have been bullied about it and made fun of. I don't know what it is. They may see the results I'm getting, they may not. They think I should ride more. I know that much. You know...I really don't know what they think! Maybe hopefully along the way when I can do more impressive stuff with Sharlie and one day see Casper doing flying lead changes and all stuff like that that they recognize (not standing on a pedestal or loading on a trailer) I can open their minds.
Day 16-What is the most challenging horsenality for you to work with? 
RBI's definitely. I can't always see what causes them to go inside themselves and I can be impatient. I like moving on to new things and not waiting.
Day 17-What is your favorite game 
Stick to Me (successfully) and Sideways. But they are all so much fun!
Day 18-A time you have seen Pat & Linda live. If you have not seem them live would you like to, what do you think it would be like? 
I don't care for Pat when he is presenting during an event live. He goes off topic and loses me. Linda on the other hand... I love her! She is so interactive and expressive. L.O.V.E her! So talented.

Day 19-A time you were able to help a "normal" horse or horseman using PNH 
I have helped horses. I never openly help a human. I will just get shunned and punished for it. I do it in secret when no one is around and just play a bit here and there and one day a person goes "Oh! He doesn't have a problem with this anymore! I wonder why?" I do it for the horse. Not for the human. The humans don't care.
Day 20-A PNH clinic or lesson that was inspirational. If you have not been to a clinic or had a lesson what educational material has been particularly inspiring 
Watching Kara play with horses is just so inspirational to watch. And educational!
Day 21-Criticism you have about the PNH program 
I love the products but I DO NOT have the money, and I never will. I would love a confidence bit, the Snaffle Bridle, the Cradle Bridle, the Fluidity Saddle, the Theraflex Pad, The Shims, I want it all! But right now...I can't afford any of it! They really need to lower their prices. It shouldn't be about the money, it should be about the horses! But doesn't work like that. 
Day 22-How do you explain PNH when people ask what you are doing with your horse 
Nobody asks me anymore. Those who have asked already have an opinion that is negative. Even if I try and explain it they are set in stone that Parelli doesn't work. Sometimes I wish I had photos or videos to show them of what Casper was before I started working with him, or Sharlie. Nobody asks. :(
Day 23-SADDLING: do you use the PNH saddle and/or theraflex pad if not what do you ride in and what does your horse think of it 
Too expensive. I wish. I ride in a Wintec All Purpose saddle and I think Sharlie hates it. Ah well. Nothing I can do about it. I don't have thousands to spend on saddles. I mainly ride bareback and with a bareback pad now to improve my balance and confidence. Day 24-A time PNH made things harder for you and your horse 
Being shunned from society. ;) In the long run though, its all worth it.

Day 25-What is the most challenging aspect of your relationship with your horse 
Sharlie while riding is the most challenging thing right now. I have to know my limits AND NOT PUSH THEM!! 
With Casper its advancing the games. Riding he can actually be ok. On the ground....GAH!
Day 26-What is your favorite obstacle to play with 
Day 27-A time you have impressed someone with your PNH skills 
I wish. Perhaps Mom. But thats it. *sigh* (If I have, I have never noticed it or no one has ever told me.)
Day 28-Love, Language, Leadership: what is the easiest for you and what is the most challenging 
Leadership is hardest because on the ground, its to a point where I don't notice it anymore. Riding, I am no leader, point blank. 
Love is easiest. I love my darling and I show it with scratches, treats, hugs and undemanding time!
Day 29-If you could ride one of Pat or Linda's horses which one would it be and why? 
If I knew the horse well, I have always thought Remmer to be a wonderful horse to ride. But that is probably because Linda is riding, right?

Day 30-What have you learned about yourself since you have started doing PNH 
Not to be so selfish and to pay closer attention to the horse, our environment, etc... those are the first few that come to mind. The one I cherish the most is the ability I have to be able to figure out within a second's notice what the horse's horsenality is. I just have trouble responding to that horsenality when it shows up.
Part 2 Tomorrow!

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  1. Love the audition video and the pic with you and Sharlie trotting. Looks lovely!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central