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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Friday: 3 Savvys and a Close Call.

Yesterday I played with Sharlie again and I managed to play with 3 savvies. Online, Liberty and Freestyle.

I started out with the 7 games as I had the intention of riding. But then as I thought about riding, I became nervous and uptight so I decided against it. It wasn't worth risking my confidence and me blowing up at her.  So we went to go sniff the trailer...say hello to Rafik...pitter-pattered here and there...and then we ended up on the 22-foot line cantering around. Then I decided I should at least try...try and go out just for a simple trail. At a walk. No faster than that.

So I hop on bareback, no bareback pad. She was actually very good with the mounting. Lined up perfectly with the platform and stayed while I walked up the stairs. I asked permission and she looked at me like "Really? Just get on for heaven's sake!" I slipped on gently and....ouch!! Her back is in terrible condition! She needs hill therapy very badly. We went out and walked through the fields.

On our way back Sharlie shied slightly at something walking in the long dry grass behind us. Then about 30 seconds later I shifted my position and she BOLTED! It was only a few strides but it was one of those things where she tucked her hindquarters under herself. I must have looked like a circus clown with my legs and arms splayed out in all directions. It was only a few seconds but I stayed on and I wasn't scared afterwards. But it was a close call.

I did not catch Casper on Friday because he was distant and afraid.

On a separate note: It has been approximately one year since I first began my journey by sitting by the fence and spending weeks waiting for him to come up to the fence to sniff me. 1 year. Look where we are now. :) Took alot longer than most horses. But we are still here.

Naturally. Julia

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