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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 2 of My Internship with Emily Larramore

Hey Guys!

This morning the weather predicted a heat index of 115 (I think) so needless to say the idea of going out was...not tempting! :P
However we did go out to the girls about 9 o'clock to feed the girls. At one point Emily jumped up and spontaneously did double liberty with Alli and Vanna. She got Stick To Me, circling, and two AWESOME draws. It was awesome. Amazing. Beautiful.

She will go so far with her girls. :)

This evening my goals were:

-Play on the 22ft line (I had played on the 12 ft yesterday)
- I did Level 1 stuff yesterday so today I wanted to do Level 2/3 stuff

- Using less of the reins
- Trot?

When I began playing with Vanna it was really on the borderline. It was "Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, No" It was equal amount of 'yes''s and 'no''s. When I finally got a few more yesses (I have no idea how you are supposed to make that work) I tried to play with Vanna at Liberty.

She played 'Stick To Me' really well, it was excellent. But because I wasn't used to playing with such an advanced horse I was still learning how to ask her to do different things and so I quickly confused her when I tried to ask her to circle. She went "Hmpf!" and trotted off. I laughed at myself. I was experimenting.

I went to draw her back and did some drawing. However when I asked her to stick to me, she was all over me, being dominant. Emily pointed it out. I already knew. I laughed at myself silently again. The difference between Vanna and Sharlie was astonishing. Sharlie at liberty will stay at least 6 inches away from me unless I invite her closer, yet we still have several problems at liberty. Vanna knows loads more than Sharlie, but she is testing me, trying to dominate me.

I find it amusing. I'm just weird like that.

But when I tried driving game, she left again with another  "Hmpf!" That was strike 2 and as Linda says, its time to go back Online.

I honestly don't remember what happened but as we were trying to play with the question box we both got frustrated and right brain. Emily quickly stepped in and helped Vanna start thinking again.

I didn't realize it at the time. I have never had anyone one there to stop me when I'm getting frustrated or Right Brain except myself- and I usually don't realize I'm going right brain. In fact I rarely do.

So to be able to stop and sit down and watch
Emily played with Vanna and rode her a bit bareback & bridless. (Where is a camera when I need one??)

On the drive home I felt emotionally drained, as well as REALLY tired! :P Emily talked to me about Right Brain people. Example: Bearded Starbucks Lady said that Emily yelled at her. Emily DID NOT yell at her, but to a Right Brain person, accusing someone of that is just...yea. (Emily was mad! :P Sidenote: Emily is spoiling me. Yummy Starbucks Passion Tea)

She just told me different situations about Right Brain people and stuff.

So today was a super duper learning day. Lots to think about...

Looking forward to seeing Amanda tomorrow! <3


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