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Saturday, July 16, 2011

"The Harry Potter Expedition" -Part of Day 5 of My Internship with Emily Larramore

This is a small, fun adventure that I had last night with Emily.

We went to go see the Harry Potter movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2!!!

So we went in quite a big group. There were 7 of us.

- Julia (DATS ME! :D )

Excluding Rachel and I, Emily was the youngest of the group (she is 23). Yea, you are probably thinking "Julia, you are 15! Hanging out with 20+ year olds!" (I could be really mean here and say that I'm hanging out with people almost twice my age :P)

See that doesn't bother me. In fact I feel more comfortable around people in that age group. I seriously forgot I was 15 (Psh, I'm almost as tall as them. That is a first!) and had an AMAZING time!

Mary Katherine is hilarious. I mean, I could not stop laughing. Ian (her husband) is a really nice guy, as well as Josh. Well everyone was nice! They were great!

They are such a variety of personalities. Ian is studying in med school, MaryKatherine is going to become a English teacher for high school after Ian gets out of med school, Lindsay is a dental hygenist...

And one thing they all have in common: They are all into horses!

Harry Potter was fricking AMAZING! EPIC!

[Spoiler Alert!]

Ignore all comments made by Emily that I was bawling! It was only one part. Before that it was because I was hyperventilating cause it was like a giant adrenaline rush (yea, I'm getting high off of Harry Potter!) and also I had to go pee REALLY REALLY BADLY! I ended up missing the part where Snape dies. DARN!

I gushed a tear or two when Fred, Lupin and Tonks die. But it wasn't as emotional of a scene as I thought it would be. The forest scene and Snape's memories are so much more emotional. You can't help but love Snape once you watch his memories.

Over all, Emily's friends are AWESOME! I am really glad that they let me come because I had a blast. Not many people that age would let a 15 year old come along with them, so I am truly grateful. (I don't think Emily would leave me behind anyway....or would she? *dramatic music*)

(Side Note: Here is MaryKatherine & Lindsay's band: Songbird)

Thank you guys for a great evening! ;)

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