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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 3 of My Internship with Emily Larramore

 After last night my goals were simple. Or at least they seemed to be.

- Go slow like a slug
- Use my body energy much much more
- Do more 'Yes' stuff, things I know we can both do.

Emily was going to do some one-on-one coaching with me. After yesterday I was secretly glad because I knew that Vanna was getting heavier and heavier in her phases. A small voice told me last night "See, you ARE screwing up her horse! The horse she is taking to Parelli and you are screwing her up!"

Emily asked me to do the 7 games- without a stick, just as much as my energy as possible. She told me that Vanna could do stuff with just body language and energy and no need for a stick or string.

We ran through the games (except Sideways and Squeeze because  and found out that I had trouble with Porcupine and Yoyo Game.

To improve Porcupine we played a bit with lowering Vanna's head by the poll. We only did it a couple times before moving onto the Yoyo game.

THAT. THAT was ALOT harder! I kept trying to picture it in my mind and a few times, I'd manage to picture it correctly and picture that 'purple wave of energy' that she says she sometimes imagines. When I did it correctly (which only worked once) she would back up.

I got slightly unconfident and Right Brain because I felt like I was doing wrong whatever Emily was asking of me. It didn't help that Vanna was dominating me most of the time.

Emily showed me that she should move backwards just by me stepping forward toward her, pushing her with my energy. That only worked a little bit, but I would end up by her head.

I was trying to think it through but I felt myself becoming more and more right brain.

Then Emily showed me something Mirka Pitts had taught her. "The Soap Bubble" The soap bubble is touching Vanna's chest and is in front of me. By exerting energy on the soap bubble, I was exerting energy on Vanna as well. That was what did it for me. We got a good backwards and so we ended it at that.
Then I spent a couple minutes just standing with her before hosing her off and putting her back out in the field.

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