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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Learning Way- Ear Shy

Q. Ear shy (won't let you touch his ears)

Ear shy is more of that is there delicate place and they would rather you not hurt it. Especially if they have known people to handle them roughly, they definitely do not want those people handling their delicate ears. But, if there is a small child who only walks in the field with them and strokes them, then they will lower their head for her to stroke their ears kindly, for they trust her with their delicate places. They know that she would never try to overpower, never hurt, not just because she is physically to weak, but also because she has never wanted to. It is a matter of mutual trust here. Cherish has come to trust me with her ears, and I have come to trust her with standing above me. It is all because we know that we will never hurt each other. Mutual trust.

Thank you to Kara Cumberton. Here is her blog

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