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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 1 of Camp

Hey guys,

Quick update on Sharlie's eye. We have to give her medicine 3 to 4 times a day but it is looking better. She is opening it almost all the way sometimes!

And as some of you know I am now writing you from Kara's! Yes!

I played with her on the ground but whenever I felt nervous I stopped and let her graze till I was feeling better.
Sharlie loaded wonderfully this morning, going in on the 2nd try. Then Kara calmly held her as we closed the doors.
Then we were off!
The 45 minute drive to Kara's home went smoothly and she unloaded wonderfully. Cherish, Hope & Finale (Kara & Brita's horses) were funny. They were going up and down the fence line trying to get closer  or to get Sharlie closer. When I led Sharlie over there to say hello, she totally ignored them!
"Here Sharlie, meet your roommates for the next two weeks."
"Ehh...OH HEY LOOK! Clover!"


Once Sharlie got settled in her new stall and the other 3 girls came inside, I unpacked and ate a light lunch. (Cheese & fruit salad.)

Then Kara, Brita and I loaded up some obstacles and took them out to the playground to set up. Their playground includes a box formation (its 3 sides of a box, good for sideways & yoyo), some poles in the shape of an arc, a tire pedestal, a wooden pedestal & we are going to make a maze out of branches to back up through.
Some cross jumps & poles & logs. It looks amazing!
I'll take some photos tomorrow once we put the tarp out.

I didn't get a chance to play with Sharlie today which was actually probably for the best because a) I was sore, tired and well...sore. And b) Sharlie was somewhere between right brain extrovert and left brain introvert. She wanted to eat eat eat then she would spook at something.

Interesting point- Kara's sweet RBI Cherish is dominant over Sharlie. Maybe within a few days once Sharlie settles in she will get back to being a bully. But right now Cherish can enjoy not being the bottom of the dominance pole for once.

Tomorrow morning I think we will go finish the playgroung (yes I'll take the camera) and then I will take Sharlie to go explore it and settle in.

Toodles for now


  1. My "sweet little RBI" has become a confident, happy, excited LBE (most of the time, if I have my energy and expression) UNLESS... she feels like being a bossy one. But only to other horses of course. ;)

  2. You also did REALLY REALLY good with the trailering. That was awesome.