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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Countdown Begins to the 31st

Heyy Guys!
 Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I had exams this week. The weather was crappy- and cold! Its late May for heaven's sakes!

So lots and lots to say! Excuse me my thoughts are somewhat unorganized.
First of all- Did I mention I am taking Sharlie to camp? I didn't have a choice. If we took Casper then the insurance would have a fit!

Also this week (and maybe a bit of next week) is Casper's week off. (He will be having many this summer, but not during camp!) He was recently put into a new field with the minis and I've decided to let him rest as he is looking a bit worse for wear. Maybe its just me but I think his age is starting to show a bit... :(
During camp Mom will be playing with him, simple stuff like friendly game around the mouth, nose & ears.Ladidaa...

Sharlie: So! THE COUNTDOWN TO CAMP IS SET! We are moving Sharlie there on the 31st of May! EEK! 2 weeks! 2 weeks goodness me! 
So yesterday and today I reviewed our 7 games and our Level 1. Bit rusty :/ We are going to have to work on that before camp because I want to do my Level 3/4 Online audition @ Kara's. 
(Found the perfect song for that- The Dog Days Are Over by Florence + the Machine)
I also hope to do my Level 2 Freestyle Audition
(Got the perfect song for that too: Chasing Pavements by Adele)
AND my Level 3/4 Liberty Audition!

Hopefully at the end of camp I will have filmed all 3 auditions by the end of camp. And hopefully by the end of summer I will have my blue string- maybe even my green!

Sharlie's trailer loading is coming along well. Yesterday we spent half an hour playing OUTSIDE of the trailer. Sideways, yo-yo, touch it, squeeze, all of it. Then at the end I opened the door just to see if she would want to go in. She hadn't been loaded into a trailer since last summer. I hadn't practiced since then. 
I think our preparation  really helped because she walked in and went all the way to the front to sniff around. :)

Today she was even more amazing! After having a small 'discussion' (More about that later). After a few attempts I got to her to stay in the trailer (even though she did turn around) and I almost managed to close the door all the way! YUP!

So our little discussion was right about when I asked Sharlie to canter to the left and she stopped, looked at me and said "No."
J: Excuse me?
S: No.
J: Why not?
S: Cause I don't want to!
J: So what do you suggest we do?
S: Walk. To the right. And have a carrot.
J: How about we compromise and you trot to the left.
S: With a carrot?
J: No, no carrot.
S: Then no, lets not compromise. What if I walk to the left with a carrot?
J: You either canter to the right or you trot to the left.
S: What if I walk to the left but no carrot?
J: Okay...
S:  Yay
J:...but you have to trot!
S: What?
J: Yep.
S: Man...
J: Okay now canter!
S: Poopy face!
J: Now change directions and walk ;)

Mmmhmmm. Yea, we have conversations like that all the time.
Toodles my little lemon drops.
I will update soon!


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