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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Have to Remove Sharlie's Eye

It looks like she bumped her head on something causing a bad ulcer on the other side of the eye, not where the previous ulcer was. The vet said we should remove the eye because she is 'accident-prone'. I beg to differ. In over two and a half years Sharlie has only bumped her head once- this time- and I do not consider that 'accident-prone' at all. In fact she is usually very cautious with the left side of her eye. Anyway they wanted to do it before camp but luckily we decided to wait till the fall. If the ulcer heals properly, I'm hoping they will change their mind. They are not looking at all the facts. Instructions for camp are to take it easy at first and give her the medicine 4 times a day.
They remove the eyeball then take the two eyelids and sew them together *shivers* Ew.

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