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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Workshop with Emily Larramore: Day 1 (Monday, June 4th)

Emily Larramore came up to Chattanooga to spend 4 days at my house while we worked with the horses. She arrived Monday afternoon at about 2 o'clock. It was a bit later than expected because Birmingham had some pretty severe storms.

Photo Credit Emily Larramore

First thing we did was go to Tractor supply. Casper had taken quite a beating from another gelding the evening before when there was some temporary rearranging of the pastures so I wanted to go and try to find something to put on his bites. (Luckily, the gelding was moved back and Sharlie was returned to her rightful place of being Casper's high maintenance wife.)

Emily ended up buying some vetrycin, which Emily claims to be some sort of miracle healing water. (Its blue too!) It isn't just for horses- you can use it on yourself too. I had cut my finger yesterday and I sprayed some on and it doesn't look as red or ugly as it should. Also, according to Emily, if you have a sore throat you can use it for that too. It just tastes like pool water. (So if it doesn't work, don't blame me. Blame Em!)

After a quick stop home to change into farm-appropraite clothes, we headed off to the stables! We decided to focus on Casper today because I had just had the lesson with Robin on Friday and hadn't played with him in several days.

One of the main things we were going to be doing this week was Carolyn Resnick's Water Hole Rituals- with a twist.

We started out with Sharing Territory.

Then we continued onto Saying Hello, then followed by Taking Territory with both the grass and a bucket of grain.

The surprise of the evening was learning that Casper actually preferred to be with me than with the grain. It was actually a very encouraging thought, to know that.

Also, we learned that Casper's Friendly Game is a bit broken, especially when it comes to the Carrot Stick. Another thing was that I can have a lot of energy, I just have no idea how to control it. Especially when I have a Carrot Stick with me. I think it almost channels it more- which is not always a good thing as we found out on Monday evening!

Something to always remember:

Your Friendly Game should be equal to your driving phases.

Describe your horse in 3 words.

Casper: quiet, proud, gentle.

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