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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Month of June

Hey everyone!

A post a day for four days in a row- Julia what on earth is wrong with you?? Did the rest of the world die and you are alone on Planet Earth with just your computer?

No sillies! Because if that was true, you wouldn't be reading this right now!
(Haven't you missed me? ;) )

With the first of June approaching faster than Sharlie running to a bucket of grain (this is factually impossible. Nothing is faster than Sharlie to a bucket of grain.) I thought I would give you a run down of what my month is consisting so you will understand if there is a lack of posting for certain periods of time.

Also, I just HAD to share the fact that the month of June also seems to be a very horsey month. (Trying to compete with last year's June which included 2 and a half weeks at Kara's. Fat chance.)

On the first of June, Robin Harris (2* Parelli Professional) will be coming to Mercy Stables to give me and another Parelli lady (from Signal Mountain I believe) a few hours lesson. (I think we will be doing 2 hours each.)

Now the reason I ended up doing this was because Robin Harris is coming up this way anyway to give Kara and Brita lessons as well. She is coming up on the Thursday and staying overnight. On her way home to Alabama, she will stop by Mercy.

I have decided to use this lesson as a way to prepare myself for what comes a few days later- Emily coming for 4 days here! June 4-7 Emily is going to come and stay for a sort of one-on-one camp, if you will. I am very excited because this will be the first time that Emily will actually meet Sharlie & Casper.

I hope to use these 4 days to advance and refine my horsemanship skills, as well as simply be able to ride both horses safely and enjoy it. Now more than ever because the opportunity has arisen to go trail riding on the battlefields as well as just on the 300 acres that is Mercy. Also, I'd love to take Casper to a hunter pace at the nearby stables Hidden Hills, just because it is such a great ride! But that is later in the year.

The day after Emily leaves I fly to Charleston, South Carolina VERY EARLY in the morning. I'll be there for a week! While that is not horse related, it is still worth sharing! ;) Jealous?

Aye aye aye...So to summarize.

June 1st- Robin Harris lesson. I am LEARNING.

June 4th- Emily arrives. We are SETTLING IN AND LEARNING.

June 5th- Emily is here. We are LEARNING.

June 6th- Emily is here. We are LEARNING.

June 7th- Emily leaves. I am PACKING.

June 15th (?) - Onwards- Group trail rides at Mercy & the Battlefield. WE ARE HAVING FUN WITH OUR PARELLI HORSES!! :D

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