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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Workshop with Emily Larramore: Day 4 (Thursday, June 7th)

We had alotted about an hour and a bit per horse. After a run to lovely Starbucks and being wished a sparkling day by the man working the drive-thru, we started with Casper.

After yesterday's amazing break throughs, I wanted to continue on what we already had, which was cantering bareback and some more Zone 5 driving. Also, I wanted to try and fix our Sharing and Taking Territory and for Casper to give me two eyes and ears more.

We started out with a bucket of feed. While he didn't circle nearly as much as he did yesterday. However eventually we realized that he was more distracted by the feed than he should be. So we removed the feed. Simple as!

We did however share some very special moments when he came to meet me when I was kneeling by the bucket of grain. The photo above will be my new profile picture for Facebook in a few days. 

He was definitley much less distracted with the feed gone and we were able to be more connected. I began some more driving like yesterday. We had a bit more trouble with it than yesterday, but ended on a nice point.

Doesn't he look super handsome and relaxed?? This was the 'crazy uncontrollable horse' two years later... :)

I was still very sore (still am. Still will be.) but I still hopped on Casper. I was excited to canter again! And I literally HOPPED on him. I jumped on him from the ground! That is a first right there! Whoop whoop!

 Cantering bareback on Casper was a very refreshing change because it was easy and natural for me.

Even Emily said that my seat looked great. Also, I wasn't afraid (for the most part) even though it felt like he was going fast (or it felt like it).

There were some troubles with me keeping a loose rein. I would sometimes pull on the inside rein. I think partly to keep my balance when I got a little unstable going into or out of the canter, and also I felt a bit nervous about the panels again.

Casper's turn was up and we ended it on cantering on a nice loose rein!

Sharlie's turn was pretty simple. We did some liberty and refined our Stick-to-Me with stops and backing up.
Online we played with sideways towards, which she was phenomal at! Yesterday we tried it a couple of times at Liberty and she either backed up or did Sideways away so I wanted to correct it before it became a habit.

With the remaining time we tried to get her to lie down again. Unfortunatley she didn't go down this time, but that is alright. It isn't worth losing our relationship over. Who knows? Maybe when I try again next time she will do it! Or maybe she will do it in 3 months. Point is, its just a trick. A really awesome trick that I would love to be able to do, but still just a trick. 
Something I want to pat myself on the back for was when Emily used some ropes on Sharlie's leg to make it easier for both Emily's back and arms and for Sharlie. Emily held Sharlie's leg up tucked neatly against her Zone 3 and held it there the entire time. Despite Sharlie not lying down, she still tried to figure out what we wanted and she didn't freak out about having her leg 'tied'. (Emily was holding it the entire time)

So in fact, it wasn't really playing with lying down. It was playing with EXTREME Porcupine Game! I think Emily said Level 4...? I was very proud about that. VERY PROUD! Sometimes these things happen and you didn't really work on them, or you haven't worked on them in a while and suddenly your horse blows your mind. I love those moments.
Also I forgot to mention that last night I mounted Sharlie from the neck bareback!! How awesome is that? For forever I have been unable to mount either Sharlie or Casper from the ground. (Sad, I know.)

Now I can do both! How fabulous! Mom and I counted up how many hours of play we did with the horses, and we calculated about 18-19 hours! Pretty impressive if you ask me!

Tomorrow at 5:30 am I am flying to Charleston, South Carolina via Charlotte. I am flying by myself for the first time ever. I've flown all my life but it is still scary doing it by yourself. Wish me luck!!

Robin Harris's lesson post will be up by this weekend!


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