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Monday, February 20, 2012

Silence Session

Hello everyone!

It has long been a lesson that Kara has tried to explain to me.
You don't need words to communicate with horses.

Think. When you are level 4, you shouldn't have to use any voice commands- in my opinion anyway.
You use your body language, your legs, your seat...
Your focus. Your gaze.

With Casper a few weeks back, we were alone at the stables. Just us. No noise, no commotion, none of those bothersome things.

We did join-up before I began to play with him in silence. It was a connection that I could not really explain. An invisible thread that connected us.

He didn't move off, he allowed me to stroke him all over and pick up his feet without dispute (which is unusual)
He even let me play with a mechanical pencil to prepare him for shots when the vet came.
(That payed off today. The vet complimented his good behaviour, adding that ponies usually put up a huge fight.)


Conyers in 5 days!

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