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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Goals Aren't Just for Horses

I have realized that goals are not just for horses.

They can be for writing too.

So I have develloped a timeline for my novels so I can try and keep to is as a timeline of goals.

Current Novel I'm working on:
Cinderella Wolf (CW)

Novels in Progress but On Hold:
His Red Motorbike (HRM)
Ellipsis Blue (EB)
The Light (L)
The Cat Journal (MEOW)

Future Novels:
Metallic Moon (MM)
NaNoWriMo novel (??)

Here is a general idea of this year:

January: Continue CW
February: Continue CW
March: Continue CW
April: Continue CW
May: Finish CW, Finish HRM
[ My 2 Summer Projects: Ellipsis Blue & Metallic Moon] 
June: Continue Ellipsis Blue, Start Metallic Moon
July: Continue Ellipsis Blue, Continue Metallic Moon
August: Continue EB, Continue MM
September: Finish EB, Finish MM
October: Editing/ submitting
November: Pick a novel for NaNoWriMo
December: Continue NaNoWriMo book

Its a tight schedule but I think if I really commit, then I can get it done.
The real challenge will be juggling EB and MM in the summer, but with no school I can see myself managing. I want to challenge myself.

Also I realize that The Light and The Cat Journal are not included in the schedule. I'm sure I will find time for them in there somewhere, if I finish something early. The Light may become my NaNoWriMo book, even though I've already started.

That was my bit. I'm going to post a sample of MM tomorrow. >:)


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