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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I realize I have been absent on and off for a while. Most of my posts since the new year have nothing to do with horses.

So a quick update.

I've been looking for a Wintec Pro Saddle for Sharlie. Not sure what size ... anything, but we will find something soon I hope.

Started working on goals. I need some for this year. They are based on auditions this year, rather than just specific tasks.
I would like to audition Casper for Level 1 in the spring, as well as Sharlie for Level 2 in the summer...
How I will find 120 dollars to spare evades me.

Lessons wise, I am making sure both horses are continuing to be polite while also advancing through Level One. I plan to write a post about how Casper has flourished as a lessons horse- the right way. are you?

- Julia

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