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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Not a Night to Forget

This evening was a very productive evening. I did the pony rides at a party, did the chores and then rode Sharlie out on a trailride with Mom walking with Casper.

I enjoyed doing the chores like always because I learn alot about horse behavior and horsenalities. I find all very fascinating.

The highlight though was when we went out for a walk. Sharlie was doing well at the walk so I decided to try a trot. For the first try I wasn't completely fluid but I wasn't bouncing or unbalancing myself. It took several more tries to find what I wanted.

To be completely in sync with Sharlie while trotting.

And I found an amazing discovery.

When one is completely in sync and fluid with Sharlie at the trot, one can drop the reins and steer with only their body. They do not bounce or slide. Almost like they are sitting on an armchair. You aren't going to fall.

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