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Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Doors Open when Others Close.

Lately, I have found myself amongst so many new oppurtunities it has become hard to keep track.

I have also found my past coming back around to find me in odd ways. 

The first thing that has come back around is the fact Casper is doing lessons again. (With me of course)
When I first began playing with him I was determined not to teach lessons with him till I deemed him ready. Some part of my mind even decided that he would never do lessons again. At that time he was completely wrong for the job. His horsenality, spirit level, emotional, mental and physical fitness were all wrong for it.

Now he seems to be the perfect match for Jimmy. I have been using Sharlie too of course but still. It is odd how things come back around in a circle. 

The important thing is that Casper is thriving. Something he wasn't doing before because he couldn't. [This is where I could go on and on about why he couldn't before, but I won't do that.] What is important is that his enviroment, emotional, mental and physical fitness are all in great shape and the most important facter- he is happy.

Another thing that has seemed to come back around is that I feel like I am accepted at the stables again. I think the summer away caused me to feel like a bit of an outsider but I feel involved again. Of course it had nothing to do with anyone leaving me out. I did it to myself. I went off in my own little bubble for a while with just Sharlie and Casper. When I started teaching lessons, I came back out of the bubble and back to the stables. 

Some people from my past have come back into my life. Some via Facebook, some in other ways. Not quite sure what to make of it yet...though I have a feeling it will turn into something or another.

I have officially been writing Casper's story for a year and a half! (give or take!) 
Here is a excert from Chapter 3.

"Startled and frightened, Tangerine shot forward into the stream. I began running toward the stream, expecting Tangy to come running out the other side. However she had stopped in the middle of the stream, realizing what she had done. I watched as she tried to turn around to go back but she seemed to be sinking into the sandy bottom of the stream. Since that didn’t work she tried to wade towards me on the other bank.

I realized in growing horror that Tangerine was stuck in the sand and seemed to be sinking. It hit me with a jerk. 
“Quick sand!” I shouted."

Now onto new doors...

A few days ago, a lovely old horse by the name of Callie passed. She was a sweet and gentle darling but was in pain. Callie's owner Melissa contacted me today (or was it yesterday?) about what I did with Sharlie and Casper, was it Parelli, etc... Melissa also has Little Bit who was Callie's bestest friend in the whole wide world but Callie was Melissa's soul-pony. (Soul mate, soul pony...get it?) Thus she and LB never really had the same relationship as Callie and her. 
LB and Callie used to be therapy horses and I was delighted when Melissa told me she did the 7 games with them way back when. 
Anyway we set up an exchange of sorts :P
I help her out with Little Bit, the queen of all Left Brain Extroverts. (No, seriously!)
And hopefully she can help me out with my teaching technique when it comes to lessons!

"Good, better, best, never let it rest! Make your good better and your better best!"

Now you may have noticed I have added some music to the blog. I love music and I have been thinking about adding a playlist. I hope you like the music. Hopefully the list will expand past what it is now (as in...5 songs! :P) 

If you want to turn the music off, it is at the bottom of the page!

I'm off to Savannah tomorrow!


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