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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hey, Remember Me?

I have a mental bucket list.

Things I want to do before I die.

Number 3 on my list is called "Hey, Remember Me?"

(Note: This list is not in order of importance!)

Now what is "Hey, Remember Me?" Allow me to explain.

Ever since I got into Parelli all those years ago (hehehe...) I've always wanted to go to 3 (or more) tour stops in 1 year/one touring. Just so after the second one I can go up to Pat and/or Linda and say "Hey, do you remember me?"

It's not possible to do it after just one because I am pretty sure they won't remember you. However if you go twice before and then the thirt time they see you, I bet they may remember you!!

Anyway that oppurtuny may have finally arisen! Thanks to the Parelli Horse & Soul tickets being free for Savvy Club Members, it is now possible for Mom and I to go to the Conyers, GA event in February and the Murfreesboro, TN event next October. Also there is the possibility of me going up to Ohio to visit the same friends who I just went to go visit in Savannah (they are moving) and we can go to the Columbus, OH event together!

The Ohio option is still VERY up in the air so nothing for sure, though I would love to go because it would mean completing my bucket list goal!!

Scenario @ Murfreesboro even after going to previous two..(lets just say it did happen...)

Julia: Hey Linda, remember me?
Linda: Oh my gosh, yes! Didn't I see you at.. Conyers and umm...Columbus?
Julia: Yep! And I'm back again!
Linda: Oh wow. Where do you live?
Julia: Chattanooga. So this is the closest one out of all. I think you should offer free tickets more often. It really makes alot more things possible. ;)
Linda: Obviously. *laughs*
Julia: Would you mind signing this photo that you have already signed twice once again please?
Linda: Sure.

Something like that ;)

1 comment:

  1. Hahahahhahha! This is great! Say "hi" from me to Linda! Never mind. Just enjoy YOUR moment. Good for you!