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Friday, March 25, 2011

Kathy Baar Clinic Questions

  1. Grass has become a big problem now.  She dives for it at any random time. She even tried to grab a bite when she was cantering on a hill and she slid and almost fell, but she STILL kept trying to eat. She is even started to run me over now because she isn’t paying attention to me, and more attention to the grass.  I’ve tried waiting 3 seconds then asking her to go again, then shortening the time (Hill Therapy) . I’ve tried what Pat did, ‘spanking the little boy’ (Allure/7 games) and I’ve tried ‘the grass biting her’ (Camp) but none of it works. Then I become frustrated and mad and so I become a predator and then she becomes scared and Right Brain and basically bottom line it hurts our relationship!
Kathy's Answer: You need to be more interesting than the grass. Now that can be challenging but its possible. You need to split the play sessions with stuff she wants to do- eating grass, hanging out, not doing anything- and stuff you want to do. Start out the play session with a few minutes of grazing time together then do something you want to do. Give her numerous breaks. 
Also Hill Therapy is BORING for her. You need to switch it up. That is probably why she went extroverted like she did back a few weeks ago.
  1. I just bought the Theraflex Pad and 2 shims -One thin, one thick- and I believe I have them in the right position. At least her walk is much better. She has her head lower that she did before and I can be more fluid. I just started trotting with the saddle and Theraflex. And when I do, Sharlie’s head shoots straight up and she rushes forward. Is this just because its new or is it possible I have done something wrong with the shims?
Kathy's Answer:  Instead of directly on top of each other, have them only slightly overlapping so its more gradual. Also play with the shims a bit more. They may be ok at the walk but if they aren't comfortable at the trot or canter then something is wrong.
  1. Casper is an extreme RBI... it has taken us a year for me just to be able to toss the carrot stick over his back without him tensing up. (And that was just this week!) I am going to start playing the  other 6 games with him now so there are a few things concerning that.
  • How do I introduce the Sideways game to him without scaring him too much? I am not good with using light phases with Sideways as Sharlie still needs Phase 2/3/4.
Kathy's Answer: You have to break it down. Move Zone 1 over then stop and relax. Then move it again. Do it until he is relaxed and confident with it. Then do the same with Zone 4. Once he is confident with that, start combining it. Go verrryyyy slowly if he needs it.  
  • How do I make sure his Friendly Game is not negatively affected by the other 6 games? Would it hurt his Friendly if he got scared by...Porcupine? Yoyo? Squeeze?
Kathy's Answer: It will always be affected to some degree. Positively or negatively. You just have to keep going back to it to check on it. 
  1. Casper is extremely extremely extremely smart. He can get bored easily if he is in a confident frame of mind but when he is unconfident he needs consistency. How do I find a balance between that as he can change from unconfident to confident and back within seconds?
Kathy's Answer: Do the repetition he needs till he is confident then start switching it up. If he becomes unconfident, fall back to where he was confident and wait for him to become confident again before moving on.
  1. THRESHOLDS: I am not good at seeing when a horse has reached a threshold till it becomes extreme. What are some early indicators?
Kathy's Answer: Instead of leading the horse behind you, try leading them from Zone 3 (driving) so you can see the early indicators. Then stop and wait.

***** These are not word for word, they are my interpretation/what I remember of her saying. There were other questions and I will throw them in when I find my notes! :)

Love you Kathy Baar! :P

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  1. Kathy is awesome, isn't she??? :-)

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