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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Beautiful though nothing to do with post :)
Welcome back warm weather and welcome back Sharlie's eye! The medication seems to be working very well as Sharlie's eye is clear once again, the spot being reduced to the size of a tip of a pen. In fact her eye is so clear we can sort of see the pupil, which we haven't been able to since...well I don't even remember when! It was that long ago.
That GOODNESS it was warm this weekend. I wanted to do stuff with the horses and if it was miserable, I wouldn't be able to do any of it.
It however was still muddy which SUCKED but all in good time...We needed the rain so the grass at Kara's could grow. (GROW GRASS GROW!)

Anywho lets start with Saturday. Mom and I went down to do the chores in the morning which was right about enough to pay off Casper's lease. Yay! We went home to eat a quick lunch and then I went back out.

I took Sharlie out and groomed her for an hour! She was shedding faster than I could brush! Then we did some hill therapy and a bit of weave pattern. I didn't want to do too much with her as I was unsure what the  effects of the medicine would have on her. Turns out she was fine except she got tired a bit quicker that usual, probably from not being played with all week.
Then I took Casper out to spend some undemanding time grazing. I lay in the grass dozing while he grazed  next to me. I trusted him not to step on me, and even when he spooked, he made sure not to do so.
He is still very fluffy but not molting yet. Probably after next weekend when it rises above the 70s he will start shedding.

On Sunday we did alot more.
I took Casper out first and we went on an adventure. Literally. We took a walk and saw one of the fields was empty because the horses had gone on a trail ride. So we went in and explored around the whole field. Casper was very curious. He even sniffed each poop pile, sometimes moving it around with his nose so he could smell it better. I wonder why...
We also looked for a nice spot to lie down. He found a few but none of them good enough to roll. Next time maybe...
We easily spent an hour and a half exploring that field.  I then went to go get Sharlie. My timing was off though because only minutes later the men came galloping in from their trailride, on horses who were still on an adreniline rush. I was glad I had put Casper away in time as he did not like it when these men were around but Sharlie became anxious as some of them stayed mounted, spurring their horses back and forth along the length of the arena where we were standing, waiting for the other guys to move out of the way so we could do some hill therapy before our trail ride with Mom.

I didn't know I was frustrated at the snobby "cowboys" until one of them, who was on the phone, started spurring his frightened horse all around the stable as if there were no other horses around. How wrong he was. There was me & Sharlie, and Ann with Shabat who was spooking at the horses surrounding her running poor Ann over. There were children playing, dogs running. Irresponsible, obnoxious.

Sharlie was hyper because of the other horses being hyped up as well so Hill Therapy did not go well. I even put her back in the field, deciding not to ride her because I was so frustrated. Mom  convinced me however that I would not be riding for 2 weeks (next weekend is Kathy Baar clinic) and getting away from the chaotic barn would help us all relax. So while I saddled Sharlie up, she went to go catch Casper and then we went out into the fields. The down side of having green grass growing everywhere is that the horses DIVE for it every few seconds.
Even though it had annoyed me during Hill Therapy, all I could do is laugh when we were out riding. Needless to say I was in a better mood.
I trotted for the first time with the Theraflex pad. I can't do a sitting trot but my posting trot is better. Sharlie is still going very fast though. :/

Its only 2 months away before going to Kara's for camp! I CANT WAIT!!!!! :D EXCITING!!!!!

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  1. Sounds like things are looking up... I'm glad for you. Hang in there :-)
    I have taught under Kathy Baar at the Colorado Campus for 8 weeks. You will love her, she is awesome. Can't wait to hear all about it....

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central